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Weight Loss Myth? Cardio Exercises are the Best for Burning Fat

Fitday Editor

When it comes to burning fat, there are numerous sites on the Internet telling you the best way to do so. Many sell diet pills that guarantee results and others provide exercises that claim to help you lose the pounds. Here are the myths and facts about cardio exercises and fat burning. Some are true and others are just fiction.

Myth: Do a Few Minutes of Cardio a Day to Burn Fat.

Fact: It's true if you want to only burn a few calories, instead of fat. Kick start your fat burning goals by spending at least 20 to 30 minutes of cardio per workout. However, it's important for people who haven't exercised in a long time to start off slow and then increase the amount of time doing cardio. It's recommended that you see a physician before beginning any exercise plan. Know your health and physical condition to keep you safe and on track.

Myth: Cardio Is the Only Exercise You Need.

Fact: Cardio only really helps in burning fat and calories. It does not strengthen your muscles or increase muscle tone. You should add a strength training workout into your daily exercise routine. The more you work the muscles, the better and more defined your overall muscle tone looks. A lot of people don't use weight training for fear of bulking up. This is a myth as well. You can't firm fat, but you can tone the muscle underneath. Combining the two increases your chances of slimming down and improving your goals.

Myth: Low Intensity Cardio Workouts are Better Than High Intensity.

Fact: You can still burn fat by working out at a steady pace, but it takes longer to burn both calories and fat. Cardio increases your endurance level and helps you develop a tolerance for going longer when you exercise. Endurance is being able to keep going for longer periods of time. For example, instead of spending 15 minutes on the treadmill each workout, you can increase your endurance level by five minutes every time you work out. You do this until you reach the maximum amount of time you can stay on the treadmill without becoming tired. This is also good in becoming heart-healthy.

Myth: Changing Your Cardio Routine Burns More Fat.

Fact: It's true that changing up your cardio routine helps you lose weight by speeding up the fat burning process. If your body gets used to the same routine, it stops burning fat. Your weight-loss slows down or stops. A number of workout stars make a series of routines for this reason. Although they still use cardio as their main workout, they incorporate different routines into each video. It not only keeps your workout sessions fun, it keeps you in the fat burning mode each time you exercise.

Here are a few tips on keeping the fat burning going:

  • Buy a few DVD workouts that use different cardio exercises
  • Walk or run on the treadmill
  • Incorporate a stationary bicycle with different levels
  • Use a stepper with exercise bands
  • Use light dumbbells or hand weights with aerobics

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