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The Vibration Plate Machine: Utilizing this New Technique for Weight Loss

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The vibration plate machine is a relatively new piece of exercise equipment that is gaining more and more popularity as a tool to aid in weight loss. For best results when using a vibration plate machine, make sure that you have not been previously diagnosed with a joint or cartilage injury.

How Vibation Plate Machines Work

One of the most important first steps that you must take in order to achieve weight loss while using the vibration plate machine is to understand how the vibration plate machine actually works. Like most new pieces of exercise equipment, there are a lot of false claims surrounding the effectiveness of the vibration plate machine. In reality, the machine works by providing you with an unstable surface on which to perform a variety of different types of exercises. Since you are working on an unstable surface, you must engage your "core" muscles more completely in order to help you maintain your balance. This helps to create greater amounts of muscle mass, thus providing an increase in your metabolic rate and helping you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Finding a High Quality Vibration Plate Machine

Be sure to use a high quality vibration plate machine in order to have the best success when trying to lose weight with the vibration plate machine. While you can easily buy one of these machines at your local sporting good store, home varieties of these machines are typically not of the highest quality. For the best results, use a vibration plate machine intended for gym use. As these machines become and more more popular, doctors and physical therapists may also begin to offer the use of these machines at their office.

Setting Reasonable Goals

Be sure to set reasonable goals when using the vibration plate machine in order to achieve weight loss. While any new type of technology often spurs people to create weight loss goals that are unreasonable due to fabricated claims of the machine, it is important to realize that using the vibration plate machine will not typically increase your weight loss by 100% or even 50% of your current rate. In fat, vibration plate machines have been found to be most effective for people who have "plateaued" with traditional strength training techniques. These people usually experience only a 10-20% increase in their average weight loss when compared to pre-vibration plate use.

Taking Caution

For best results when trying to lose weight with the vibration plate machine, it is essential that you consult first with your doctor in order to make sure that you are healthy enough for exercise. Research has found that the vibration plate machine can cause significant knee, hip, and ankle injuries, especially for people who have already been diagnosed with injuries to these areas. Get the go-ahead from your primary care physician before use in order to prevent a long, painful recovery.

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