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The Skinny Jean Diet: How to Lose Weight and Fit Into Your Favorite Pair

Fitday Editor
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The Skinny Jean diet is a new craze that promises women that they will have an easier time fitting into their favorite skinny pair of jeans, if only they follow certain steps. This type of workout and diet approach is popping up in more and more fitness centers and the like across the country. For example, Bally Total Fitness and Equinox both feature programs that promise you will be able to once more fit into your skinny jeans with ease and comfort. The Skinny Jean diet combines not only common sense eating, but also the right kind of workout and exercise regimen to really pack a one-two combination that should get you into your skinny jeans in no time flat.

Appetite Suppressants

If you want to slip back into your super-hot skinny jeans in a hurry, try something like appetite suppressants together with an actual diet. The problem with simply going on a diet to help you slide into your skinny jeans is that diets come short of addressing the thoughts of food, the hunger pangs and the cravings that you endure due to a diet's deprivation. So if you want to go on a diet, combine that effort with appetite suppressants to really make a bigger impact on your weight. Anyone can go on a diet if they are not hungry at the moment; the trouble with keeping your dieting commitment occurs when you crave certain kinds of food. Thus, appetite suppressants in conjunction with a diet will work to help you burn off fat faster and get you back into your skinny jeans that much faster.

Healthy Substitutes and Portion Sizes

Since dieting is hard to do, you can resort to more common sense approaches to shedding some pounds, which basically just amounts to controlling your portion sizes and making healthier substitutions for the fattening food that you normally enjoy. As an example, instead of snacking on muffins or other similar foods like pastries or baked goods, just have a health food like an apple or another fruit. If you're yearning for sweet and sugary goodies like cookies, just substitute some sugar-free hot chocolate in their place. Cutting down on the size of your portions can also help you shed pounds because you're taking in less calories than you normally would.


All that right eating is only going to be helped more by making the right workout choices. If you want to fit into your skinny jeans, you ought to do squats and lunges to tone your lower body. You must also work in some cardio exercises that really move your lower extremities; this will get your calories burned and your muscles toned in no time at all. An example of a couple of good cardio exercises consists of simple activities that are more fun than exercise, things like bicycling or even running.

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