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The Negative Weight Effects of Consuming Alcohol

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We all know that consuming alcohol in excessive levels is bad for the body. It can cause a variety of health problems. It can slow down the central nervous system, damage nerve endings, and depress the nerve cells in the brain. It can also impair certain brain functions, including behavior, judgment, memory, concentration, attention span, motor skills and coordination. Large doses of alcohol can cause respiratory failure, coma and even death. As if these effects are not bad enough, you should also know that alcohol could have a negative effect on your weight. Here are the several ways how.

Affects Fat Burning

Alcohol can affect the amount that your body can burn. A study found that consuming 24 g of alcohol could decrease your body's whole body lipid oxidation or ability to burn fat by a staggering 73 percent. When alcohol passes the liver, it produces a by-product called Acetate, which inhibits fat burning capabilities of the body. This means that if you drink alcohol constantly, the fat burning processes in your body take a back seat. This results in more fat stored in your body, which can significantly increase your weight.

Increases Appetite

Another study has proved that alcohol consumption results in increase of appetite more than any other type of drink. Not only do meals appear tastier and more appetizing when there is a bottle of beer to pair with it, people also get hungry more after drinking alcohol. People who are seriously trying to lose those extra pounds should try their best to avoid beer and other alcoholic drinks so as not to perk up their appetites.

Decreases Testosterone

Drinking alcohol can decrease the production of testosterone and increase that of cortisone, a muscle-destroying hormone. Aside from the fact that decrease in testosterone can affect a male's sexual drive, it can also have an effect on his weight, especially if he is trying to build and tone his muscles. To successfully build muscles and burn fat, it is imperative to up one's testosterone levels and get rid of cortisol. More on that, drinking alcohol also affects muscle distribution. In simpler terms, more fat goes around the waist and there is less overall muscle mass in the body.

Reduces Vitamin and Mineral Absorption

Another harmful effect of alcohol that has something to do with weight is the decrease in vitamin and mineral absorption. This happens because when you consume too much alcohol, the liver becomes preoccupied in turning alcohol into acetate. Therefore, any vitamins and minerals that you take in just goes straight to the detoxification process. In other words, alcohol interferes with the absorption of most nutrients. Even if you eat a healthy meal right after drinking alcohol, it won't be much use.

Causes Dehydration

Since alcohol is a diuretic, which can elevate rate of urination, it can cause dehydration. Water is very important not only to muscle building, but also to general health. It can impair the progress of your muscle building program and at the same time, affect your overall well-being.

Next time you grab a bottle of beer or a glass of wine, think about its repercussions to your health and your weight loss regimen.

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