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Sipping White Tea to Help with Weight Loss

Fitday Editor

Known for generations in China, white tea is fast becoming a new addition to grocery shops and markets everywhere. Along with white tea's health benefits, you may see claims that white tea can cause weight loss. Let us weigh the facts before you go out to buy white tea for the purpose of losing weight.

Close to Nature

White tea comes from very young tea leaves plucked before the buds open fully. The leaves are only available for picking certain days of the year and that explains not only their precious status but their high retail price. White tea is also unique because it is not air dried like other teas, but is simply steamed. White tea has a good amount of antioxidants, which are cancer fighters.

Far From Certain

One frequently heard claim about slimming down with white tea is that antioxidants in the tea will cause your metabolism to speed up. Another variation to that claim is that, because white tea has caffeine, weight loss will occur. The reason is attributed to caffeine helping to burn calories quickly.

Another claim is that white tea burns fat. This claim is risky to accept, as it implies that you can eat a thick slab of cheesecake or oily steak sub and your cups of white tea will zap any fats that are absorbed.

Other than small, preliminary studies, no major research study has emerged to date that proves white tea alone can trigger weight loss. As for caffeine, it is quite possible that simply moving around quickly as a result of the caffeine boost you get from hot tea may be the real diet aid. White tea has caffeine, the amount of caffeine depending on the various varieties of white tea and cut of the leaf.

There is no single drink that melts away pounds. White tea can never replace a balanced eating plan that includes regular exercise.

Good News for Dieters

So is there any point in drinking white tea if you are trying to watch your weight? Yes, there are several reasons to make it part of your diet plan.

  • Less need for sugary drinks--White tea offers you the opportunity to enjoy a zero-calorie drink that is pleasant and refreshing from morning to night. The more you sip, the less chance you will fall to temptation for sugary drinks.
  • Less need for milk or cream--Another dieting plus is that white tea has a smooth taste that stands on its own without the need to add milk, cream or sugar.
  • Curbing false hunger--Having something refreshing to sip all day may take your mind off eating or drinking something just for the sake of taking a food break.

Number of Cups

While sipping white tea is a helpful way to enjoy liquids without the added calories and fats, some restraints are recommended. "Throughout the day" does not mean cup after cup in an unreasonable amount. Sip slowly. You may be among those who are more sensitive to caffeine than others. Since white tea has caffeine, try to limit your daily intake to no more than what makes you comfortable.

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