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Lose Stomach Weight: Myths and Facts Revealed

Fitday Editor

We'd all love to lose stomach weight; however with so many myths floating around it's hard to know exactly how to achieve a flat, toned mid-section. It is possible to lose stomach weight and get ready for swimsuit season, but achieving and maintaining a slim waistline takes hard work, dedication and lifestyle changes. Below are some common myths and facts regarding how to successfully lose stomach fat.

Myth: You Are Genetically Destined to Have Stomach Fat

Fact: It's true that some women may have more fat cells than others or are apple-shaped (carry more fat in your abdominal region); however, regardless of your body type you can achieve a flatter stomach through diet and exercise. If you have excess skin due to losing a significant amount of weight and/or bearing children, you might consider cosmetic surgery for best results. Some people seem to have a harder time losing access weight (especially stomach weight if you're apple shaped) but don't let anyone tell you you're genetically destined to be fat.

Myth: You Can Lose Stomach Fat by Only Doing Abdominal Exercises

Fact: Although performing abdominal exercises (such as sit-ups) is essential for best results, fat cannot be reduced in only certain areas of your body. Performing abdominal exercises will definitely help you tone up your stomach, however, to lose stomach fat you'll need to reduce your total body fat. Doing this requires healthy eating and a combination of fat burning cardiovascular and resistance exercises.

Myth: Dieting Alone Will Give You Toned Abs

Fact: Dieting alone can definitely help you lose weight and (if you eat healthy) reduce body fat. A healthy diet includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fiber, low-fat dairy products, and healthy (unsaturated) fats while limiting sugar, high-calorie foods, and saturated fat. Reducing your total calorie intake is essential for weight loss. However to tone up your body and abs, you'll need to include resistance and abdominal exercises in your weight loss program.

Myth: You Lose Weight Faster if You Eat Less Often

Fact: Not eating very often (once or twice a day) is detrimental to your metabolism. To keep your metabolism high, which will burn more calories (even at rest), it's best to eat small frequent meals throughout the day. This will also help prevent food binges and overeating, which often occur when you wait too long to eat and are extremely hungry.

Myth: Cosmetic Surgery is the Best Way to Lose Stomach Fat

Fact: Cosmetic surgery is not only expensive, but it comes with health risks and is only a temporary fix. To maintain a slim figure you'll need to make lifestyle changes including regular exercise and a healthy diet. Although cosmetic surgeries, such as liposuction, may help eliminate fat cells, those cells will increase in size if you go back to your old eating habits--causing the fat to return. Before you consult a health care professional regarding cosmetic surgery, achieve a healthy weight by making lifestyle changes. If then you still have extra, saggy skin, you should consider the risks and benefits of cosmetic surgery.

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