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Lose 15 Pounds in Less Than Two Months: Five Exercise Tips

Fitday Editor

In order to lose 15 pounds in less than two months, you'll need to stick to a good exercise plan. These tips will help you tone up and look great in six to eight weeks.

1. Exercise at Least 30 minutes Each Day

This will keep your metabolism revved up for maximum fat burning results. If you can't set aside a 30 minute block in your schedule, divide it into two 15-minute segments or three 10-minute segments. As long as you make the time to exercise, your body will reap the benefits. Every little bit helps, not only with weight loss, but with your overall health. Daily exercise will lower your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Osteoporosis can also be kept at bay with a regular exercise schedule.

2. Choose Something You Enjoy

You are much less likely to exercise daily if you dread the activity. The important thing is to be active and move your body. You can go for a swim or take a walk after supper. Play Frisbee with your kids or take a dance class. It doesn't have to be labeled as exercise for it to benefit your body. As long as you are moving and increasing your heart rate, your body will begin to burn more calories and fat.

3. Vary Your Workout

Not only will changing up your routine stave off boredom, but it will challenge different muscles. Your body will get used to doing the same activity repeatedly, so doing something else will wake up muscles that weren't used before. For example, if you walk on a treadmill, vary the incline and speed, or slow it down and walk backwards. If you normally play tennis, ride a bike around your neighborhood. A different activity will keep you challenged and motivated, and it will ensure that you are exercising more parts of your body.

4. Include Stretching and Strength Training

Cardio exercise will burn fat, but stretching and strength training will help your muscles look taut and toned. Flexibility is essential to a healthy body, and stretching will help your muscles prepare for and recover from exercise. Yoga and Pilates are great workouts that challenge your muscles while increasing your flexibility. When you strengthen your muscles with weight training, they will work more efficiently and burn more fat. As the fat burns off, toned, firm muscles will emerge to make you look slim and fit.

5. Stay Motivated

Don't limit yourself to only monitoring how many pounds you have lost. Also keep track of your body measurements, because you will see those shrink throughout your diet as well. Before you start your diet and exercise program, use a tape measure to measure your bust, waist, hips, thighs and arms. Write the measurements in a journal. Keep track of your progress each week. You will see your fat melt away as your muscles tone up. You will soon be able to fit into smaller clothes and feel more confident in your body.

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