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How Reducing Your Carb Intake Can Aid in Permanent Weight Loss

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Permanent weight loss can be achieved if you reduce your carb intake. Reducing your carb intake can meaningfully aid in permanent weight loss. Carbs commonly refer to any foods that are heavy in the complex carbohydrates like starch (pasta, cereal or bread) or the simple carbs found in sugar (jams, desserts or candies). People have typically found that they can successfully lose weight and also keep it off by lessening their carb intake. It is especially useful to reduce your carb intake in foods that feature a high glycemic load, or GL. The problem with eating foods that have a high GL is that they make you prone to eating more carb-heavy foods.

Control Appetite

So much of gaining weight is related to a lack of appetite control. One of the reasons that your appetite may be out of control is due to eating foods with excessive carbs. The solution for this is to switch to low-carb foods or to go on a low-GL diet. On such a diet, you will find that your food cravings lessen, thus leading to more control over your appetite. Another benefit is that you will feel full a lot sooner. This will lead to you being able to stop eating at the moment you feel satisfied. This feeling of increased fullness also carries over to how you feel in between meals.

Count Carbs

Counting carbs is a very exact way to ensure that you put limits on your carb intake. This can be a powerful psychological tool to prevent you from eating more carbs than you should. Some experts advise people to make sure that they do not eat carbs in excess of one-sixth of their total calorie intake. People who keep their carb intake to less than one-sixth of their total calories typically see meaningful weight loss. While counting carbs in this way, also watch out for the kinds of carb-loaded foods you eat. You can still eat carbs; just be certain that the foods you eat are not full of high-GL carbs. An example of the high-GL carbs to avoid include those found in breads, pastas and many sugary foods like pastries. By counting carbs, you are reducing your carb intake in a very methodical and scientific fashion.

Replace Carbs with Something Else

Reducing your carb intake can aid in permanent weight loss because you are substituting other foods for carbs. The fewer carbs you eat, the more room you have in your diet for foods with more healthy fats and more protein. Instead of eating a carb-heavy snack like chips, substitute cheese or simple crackers for the chips. Not only will you eat less carbs, but you will also gain fewer overall calories. As an added bonus, the protein and healthier fat in foods like cheese will keep you feeling full longer.

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