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Follow Food Pyramid Guidelines for Weight Loss

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Following the food pyramid for weight loss has interested many people worldwide. Weight loss has to be done effectively without damaging the body. Many people opt for other unhealthy ways like dieting, crash diets, diet pills etc, to lose weight, when a healthy diet and good exercise can produce efficient weight loss without any side effects.

If you want to lose weight by following the food pyramid weight loss guidelines, you need to know that it is similar to the regular food pyramid, but differs only in the daily calorie intake. Your diet should contain only 1200 calories. The suggested diet does not cut down on any particular food group, but requires dieters to control the consumption of sugar and fats. You will have to start checking the labels on food to follow the strict diet.

Here are a few tips to losing weight through the food pyramid:

Lean Meats

Consuming around three ounces of lean meats per day is a great way to have a low-fat/ low calorie diet. Turkey, chicken, lean hamburger, etc., are the best foods to create a low-calorie diet.

Avoid Foods Rich in Fat and Sugar

If you want to lose weight following the weight loss food pyramid, it is important to pay attention on the food you eat everyday. Try and avoid foods that are rich in fat, that are processed, or that have an excessive sugar content. These foods will increase your calorie intake, resulting in weight gain.

Dairy Products

Consume around 3 cups of dairy products containing low fat or no fat. Products like low-fat cottage cheese and low-fat yogurt can be best, as they are two great sources of calcium without extra fat.


Fruits are very good for the body, as they provide the required fiber. Consume at least two servings of fruit per day. You can have natural fruit smoothies and whole fruits, as they are great options.


Include 4 ounces of grains daily in your weight loss diet. Whole grains like whole wheat, flax and other whole grains are good for weight loss. Vegetables are very important; consume vegetables at least three times a day. Cabbage, leafy salad greens and vegetable juice are great for your body. When you buy vegetable juice, see to it that it does not contain sodium or any added sugar.

For Athletes

There are some people who may feel very weak and low on energy after following a low calorie diet. In such a case, a vitamin or multi-vitamin supplement can be useful for the body. If you are an athlete, you definitely require more calories for being active and strong. If you are following the weight loss food pyramid, you can still follow the diet guidelines even if you add 100-200 calories each day. You can also follow this if you are an extremely active person.

Many people complain of not losing weight despite following strict diets. However, if you follow the 1200 calorie diet, you will surely see good results.

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