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Finding the Best Diet Plan for Your Body

Fitday Editor

Finding the best diet plan for your body is based solely on your body's needs. It also depends on your mental attitude and what you think you can actually follow. Finding the best diet plan for your body is also key to the eventual success of the diet you're on. If you pick a diet that has demands or goals that seem unreasonable to you, the chances of your failure are that much greater. Whichever diet plan fulfills that basic criteria is the best for your body.

Best Diet Plan for Endomorphs

The endomorph body type is one that retains fat the best out of all body types. Some of the body characteristics of endomorphs include large joints that are commonly referred to as "big-boned," a big and round body shape, and a resistance to losing fat easily. If you have ever been on a diet and had a hard time losing fat, then you may be an endomorph. High-carb diets should be avoided at all costs if you have this body type, which is why a diet like the Atkins diet should work best. The Atkins Diet is characterized by a severe restriction of carbs. Endomorphs sometimes experience a carb sensitivity and an insulin resistance. The low-carb Atkins Diet should not stimulate high levels of insulin and glucose release when its food are eaten.

Best Diet Plan for Mesomorphs

The mesomorph body type is typified by broader shoulders and a more athletic look. This type of body has good posture, is symmetrical and is adept at putting mass onto the frame. Mesomorph body types are able to accomplish this because their bodies distribute fat equally all over. A diet plan that includes a huge variety of foods is the best for the mesomorph body type. You are recommended to take in lots of protein to sustain your muscle mass. You should also eat healthy oils like flax seed oil and olive oil. Carbs that the body absorbs slowly, like yams and vegetables, should also be included in your diet plan. The quantity of meals per day should be increased to six, but they should be smaller meals eaten every two hours.

Best Diet Plan for Ectomorphs

The best diet plan for an ectomorph body type is one that builds your body weight up and your muscle mass, too. The ectomorph body type is defined by being skinny and having trouble building mass. To reverse these effects, you should go on a high-carb diet plan that will fuel your body with weight gain-inducing carbs. Another good recommendation is to include more protein in your diet, as protein is the building block for muscles.

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