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Fighting Obesity: Four Ways Your Lifestyle Could Be Making You Obese

Fitday Editor
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Fighting obesity should be an important concern for you, especially since more than half of the US population today is considered overweight or obese. Factors like genetics and environment can contribute to obesity, but there is no doubt that your lifestyle also plays a big role. If you have been gaining pounds lately, then chances are that your lifestyle could be causing your weight gain. Here are some ways that your lifestyle could be making you obese:

1. Being a Couch Potato

Recent studies have shown that people who watch TV for at least two hours per day are more likely to gain weight and become obese than people who only watch for about a half hour a day. What does TV watching have to do with becoming obese? When you lead a couch-potato lifestyle, you basically lack any physical activities. Because you are motionless, your metabolic rate decreases. At best, you get to burn a mere 30 calories per hour. If you wish to fight obesity then you're going to have to change your sedentary lifestyle.

Despite what fad diet and weight loss pill advertisements tell you, exercise is essential in weight loss and weight maintenance. If you are not ready yet to commit to a gym membership or a runners' organization, start by incorporating physical activities in your daily routine. Take an evening stroll after dinner, walk to the store instead of taking the car and use the stairs at work instead of the elevator.

2. Eating Fast Food Regularly

There is little doubt that the propagation of fast foods is also linked to the increasing rate of obesity in the country. If you're one of the many people today who lead very hectic lifestyles, then chances are that you lack the time to cook your own meals at home. After all, ordering from fast food restaurants is much more convenient. Unfortunately, most foods that you will find in fast food joints are packed with calories, saturated fats, sugar and other fattening ingredients. Try cooking large batches of healthy food at home during the weekend so you can simply heat up portions throughout the weak. This both saves you time and helps you eat a healthier diet.

3. You are Guilty of Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is another common cause of obesity. You are guilty of emotional eating when you eat large quantities of food because of certain feelings instead of hunger. Perhaps you eat a bag of potato chips when you're bored or perhaps you gorge on a whole pint of ice cream when you're stressed out. Research has shown that most cases of overeating are caused by negative emotions, so you need to find new ways to cope with these emotions - ways that are not related to eating.

4. You Skip Meals

If you think that skipping meals is a good way to lose weight then you are quite mistaken. In fact, skipping meals can make you more likely to gain weight. For instance, if you habitually miss breakfast then you are more likely to overeat at lunch or eat snacks throughout the day to compensate for the missed meal.

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