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Cy-Yo: How this New Workout Can Help You Lose Weight

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Cy-Yo is a new workout that can help you to lose weight. Cy-Yo is based on the idea of uniting your mind, spirit and body together in a workout regimen. Centered on one hour sessions, Cy-Yo consists of a cardio workout whose main goal is to bring all points of your being into focus so that you can reach maximum physical and spiritual outcomes. A typical Cy-Yo workout session starts with 10 minutes of yoga to warm you up; then, it shifts to a more rigorous component of 40 minutes that are filled with indoor cycling. To finish up, you end the workout with a 10 minute yoga flow series to calm your body and refocus your mind.

Indoor Cycling for Weight Loss

The longest lasting part of any Cy-Yo workout is the 40 minutes that you spend on cycling indoors. Bicycling has been proven time and time again to really help you lose weight because it burns calories fast. Controlling weight is really only about controlling calories, as in burning more calories than you take in through eating food. So the more calories you burn--such as in your 40 minute, indoor component of cycling--the more weight you lose. If you even cycle at only a moderate speed (that would be 12 miles per hour to 14 miles per hour) during this portion of your Cy-Yo workout, you can already burn off 235 calories in just a half hour.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga itself may not be known for producing weight loss benefits since it is more associated with improving flexibility, reducing stress and strengthening both your body and mind. However, yoga has been shown to help people reduce their weight, and the key to this type of yoga is that it ought to set your heart rate racing to the point where you will work up enough of a sweat and exertion to actually start shedding weight. You are recommended to also incorporate a certain number of minutes each week if you are going to rely exclusively on yoga to lose weight. For example, you should do 90-minute yoga sessions at least three times a week if you want to depend on yoga alone. But the beauty of Cy-Yo is that you have the benefit of cycling, in addition to yoga, in your workout, which burns fat quicker.

Specific Yoga Varieties for Weight Loss

Specific yoga varieties offer better benefits at helping you lose weight in comparison with other types. Flow yoga, or vinyasa, is the type of yoga you want to practice if you want to lose weight from yoga quickly. Furthermore, the specific styles within this type of yoga that are useful are power yoga, hot yoga and ashtanga. You may want to see if your Cy-Yo classes use these styles of yoga during the 10 minute components devoted to yoga in the workout.

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