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4 Diet Tips for Vegans

Fitday Editor
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If you are a vegan or planning to become one, then chances are you can still use some good diet tips. Going on a vegan diet does not necessarily mean that you will automatically lose weight. In fact, since you are eliminating certain foods from your diet, it's very easy for you to compensate by eating a bigger amount of the foods that are allowed. If you want to lose weight while maintaining a vegan diet, consider following these helpful tips.

1. Beware of Calorie-Packed Beverages

When you're on a diet, you probably steer clear from solid foods which you know are fattening. However, solid foods are not the only cause of weight gain. There are also numerous types of beverages that contain high amounts of calories which, in turn, can lead to added pounds. For instance, perhaps you start off your day with a large mug of coffee with loads of sugar. Or perhaps you enjoy a snack of protein shakes during the morning or the afternoon or like to enjoy a large glass of chocolate soy milk before bed. Since they are liquid, it's easy to overlook these beverages as a source of excess calories. Not only are these beverages packed with calories but they can also lead you to overeat. For instance, if you only had a latte for breakfast then you might think it's perfectly okay to double your servings of pasta or brown rice during lunch.

2. Watch What You Put on Your Salad

Salads will undoubtedly be a big part of your diet. Since salads are largely comprised of fresh vegetables then you probably dig in without worrying about increasing your waistline. However, before you indulge in that large bowl of salad, take a look at what you're putting on it. Even though a salad is a healthy and low-fat food choice, some of the toppings and dressings you use may not be so low-fat. Try to stay away from dressings that are high in fat and common toppings like fried croutons. Of course, no salad would be complete without the dressing. You can make your own version by simply mixing olive oil and vinegar with your favorite herbs. There are now also non-fat dressing brands that you can find at your local grocery store.

3. Eat Foods That Are Rich in Fiber

Eating healthy foods that are rich in dietary fiber is also a good way of shedding off extra pounds. When you eat foods that are rich in dietary fiber, the fiber helps give you a full and satisfied feeling, eliminating hunger pangs. The less hungry you feel, the less likely it is that you will grab a snack. Foods that are rich in fiber include soy products, nuts, beans, whole grain bread, whole grain cereal, potatoes, and fruits and vegetables.

4. Treat Yourself With Dessert

If you like to round off your meals with a little dessert, don't deprive yourself just because you're trying to lose weight. Instead, learn to pick healthy and low-fat dessert treats. A fruit with some calorie-free dip or chocolate sauce is both delicious and low in fat.

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