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Three Simple Exercises to Try During Your Boxing Workout

Fitday Editor

Performing a boxing workout can help you to improve your stamina and overall fitness. If you have never tried a boxing workout before, it is a good idea to start slowly to avoid injury. When you work with boxing equipment, make sure you use athletic tape to protect your hands, or gloves if you prefer. Here are 3 simple exercises to perform while boxing:

1. Heavy Bag Punching

A heavy punching bag either hangs from the ceiling or stands upright, depending on the model. Hitting a heavy bag can improve your stamina and punching power. Before you workout on a heavy bag, you may want to buy a pair of bag gloves. Bag gloves are thinner than standard boxing gloves, but are made of thicker leather to provide protection to your knuckles.

To exercise on the heavy bag during your boxing workout, break your training session up into three minute rounds. For example, hit the bag for three minutes, then rest for one minute. This will simulate an actual round of boxing, except you will not be on the receiving end of any punches. Hit the bag with a variety of strikes, including jabs and hooks. You may want to move around the bag as you train, which will improve your footwork and stamina.

2. Speed Bag Punching

A speed bag is about the size of a football, and hangs from a swivel board that is mounted on a wall. Training on a speed bag can increase your hand speed and stamina. You can use bag gloves when you train on the speed bag, or just put some athletic tape around your hands.

Hitting a speed bag requires some coordination, since the bag moves at a variety of different angles when you hit it. Once you are able to get into a rhythm on the bag, you will be able to hit it faster. You can hit the bag with one hand repeatedly, or with alternate hands. Train on the bag for three-minute rounds, with one minute of rest between each round.

3. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is an essential part of any boxing workout. You can increase your stamina, endurance and hand speed by training with a jump rope. There are many types of jump ropes to choose from, so spend some time researching until you find one that is right for you. Make sure to stretch before you use a jump rope, and to check the room to see if you need to adjust the length of the rope so it does not hit the ceiling.

The most basic type of jump rope exercise is jumping off of both feet at the same time once the rope passes underneath you. After you master this technique, try to jump off of one foot at a time. As you become more skillful, start to add more difficult jump rope tricks, such as crossing your hands in front of you or jumping high in the air and swinging the rope under you twice before you land. Use the jump rope to warm up before you begin your bag workout, or to finish off your training session.

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