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Stretching before Working Out: How it Acts as a Circulation Booster

Fitday Editor

Stretching as a circulation booster is a long-established fact in the annals of medical research. All stretching really is is a form of physical exercise that elongates a specific set of skeletal muscles. The purpose for this elongation is the confirmation of muscle tone, along with improving the elasticity of said muscle. As a consequence of stretching before working out, you feel improved range of motion, flexibility and also muscle control. Apart from working out, stretching also provides therapeutic benefits, as in those benefits derived from relaxing cramping muscles. By reading this information, you will begin to understand just how stretching before working out can act as a circulation booster.

Increases the Flow of Oxygen

One way that stretching before working out can act as a circulation booster is by simply increasing the flow of oxygen to your muscles. This oxygen is carried by your blood to your muscles, and muscles which are deprived of oxygen as a result of poor circulation are muscles that tend to endure aches, pains, and generally increased tension and tightness. Furthermore, many of the aches and pains that you develop in your body from lack of oxygen moving through your blood are connected to the knee, hip, back and neck. The antidote to this is just basic stretching. Even stretching for as little as 15 minutes every day can lead to marked improvements in the flow of oxygen in your body and, as a result, in the alleviation of aches and pains you may feel during a workout.

Alleviates Tight Muscles

Stretching need not be complicated to be effective. In fact, a straightforward way you can improve your circulation problems before working out is by way of the 90 degree test pose. In this very basic and simple stretching exercise, all you are required to do is pull one leg forward to your upper body. As you gain more flexibility, your challenge is to increase how close you can pull your leg to your upper body.

The primary advantage of this way of stretching is alleviating tight and tense hamstrings, which are the primary cause of potential pain in both your knee and legs (which in turn are due to poor circulation from a lack of oxygen).

Nourishes Your Muscles

When your circulation is poor, stretching before a workout can bring much-needed nourishment to your muscles. When your muscles are not getting enough blood due to poor circulation, they are also not receiving enough oxygen, resulting in a whole host of aches and pains. Another consequence is a lack of nourishment in your muscles and also a buildup of waste by-products in your muscles. When more nourishment in the form of better circulation hits your muscles, you get the benefit of muscles that are less tense, less strained and less aching.

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