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Is Working Out with a Pulled Groin Muscle a Bad Idea?

Fitday Editor
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Once you experience a pulled groin muscle, it is too late to think about stretching. Often the key to preventing injuries such as this is as simple as warming up. Now that you are suffering, you may wonder if you should push through the pain.

Don't Push Through

Pushing through the pain of a pulled groin muscle may cause further injury. A slight pull may lead to a more extensive injury. Furthermore, stressing the injury may delay healing. Put workouts that affect the groin on hold for 3 to 5 days to allow for your muscle to heal.


A pulled groin muscle causes inflammation, and one way to expedite healing is with ice. Ice fights the inflammation and helps the muscle heal faster. Apply ice within the first 48 hours of injury. If you still experience pain, try an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling and pain. If you are still suffering, consider contacting a doctor to assess how serious the injury is.

Working Out

While you are waiting for your groin to heal, you do not have to eliminate all physical exercise. Simply listen to the muscle and do not do any activity that aggravates the pain.

Resuming Training

As the pain subsides and you feel ready to start working out again, there are a few points to follow to avoid reinjuring your groin. Prior to working out, use a heating pad to help warm the muscles. This loosens the muscles and can help reduce pain. After working out, remember to apply ice immediately to minimize any residual inflammation.

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