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How to Stretch Your Forearms

Fitday Editor

Knowing how to stretch your forearms can be of great benefit to athletes, as well as those at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome. Here's how to stretch your forearm to relieve muscle tension and carpal tunnel pain in that area.

1) Hold out Your Arm and Flex Your Hand

To stretch your forearm, hold the arm straight out before you, with the palm facing down. Flex the hand so that your fingers point upright.

2) Use One Arm to Stretch the Other Arm

With one arm held in front of you and the hand flexed, take the other hand and gently grasp the fingers of the flexed hand. Pull the fingers straight back. You should feel a stretch in the underside of your forearm.

3) Extend the Stretch Into Your Hand

If you'd like to extend the stretch into your hand, place the thumb of the hand you're using to pull just below the knuckles of your flexed hand. Bend the fingers back slightly, pushing gently into the back of your hand with the opposite thumb, until you feel a stretch in the palm of your hand.

4) Stretch the Top of Your Forearm

To stretch the top of your forearm, keep the arm extended in front of you. This time, you're going to point the fingers of that hand down, and use the opposite hand to gently pull those fingers back toward your torso. Keep the extended arm straight, and turn your inner elbow towards the ceiling. You should feel a stretch in the muscles that run along the top of your forearm.

5) Repeat the Stretch

Repeat the stretch on both arms, on both the inner and outer forearm. Hold each stretch for 20 to 30 seconds while breathing deeply, and repeat the stretch two or three times.

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