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How Shoulder Stretching Broadens Wingspan

Fitday Editor
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Shoulder stretching is one of the ways that you can help broaden your wingspan. Though you may not be able to drastically improve your wingspan by using shoulder stretching, it is one of the best ways to expand the flexibility in your shoulder muscles and give your muscles and joints better range of motion. By stretching out your shoulder regularly, you can also increase the elasticity on the muscles in your shoulders and cause them to be able to stretch more than ever before. They will result in an increased wingspan as well as healthier and stronger shoulder muscles that will be less susceptible to injury in the future.

Why Shoulder Stretching is Important

You use your shoulder muscles for a variety of different things. Every time you pick up a heavy box, stretch to get something off a top shelf or lift something up over your head, you use muscles in your shoulders. This is why it's important to do some type of shoulder stretching to keep your shoulder muscles in shape. When you do each of these activities, an increased wingspan is also helpful. It allows you to stretch your arms out wider and carry things more efficiently than you can if you do not do shoulder stretching regularly.

Shoulder Stretching Exercises

If you are interested in doing more shoulder stretching exercises in the future in order to help broaden your wingspan and improve your posture, there are a number of shoulder stretching exercises you can do. For instance, the anterior shoulder stretch involves clasping your hands behind your back and stretching them upwards in order to stretch out the front of your shoulders. Likewise, there are shoulder stretching exercises that you can do to prevent rotator cuff injuries from occurring during exercise. By doing these shoulder stretching exercises, you will not only help to increase and expand your wingspan, but you will also help to prevent your shoulder from undergoing injuries.

Using Shoulder Stretching Exercises

Though you may not think to do shoulder stretching exercises ahead of, say, leg stretches or arm stretches, the truth is that if you spend a lot of time hunched over a desk or sitting in a car driving, you probably have an upper body that needs to be stretched out more often. By stretching your shoulders, you can not only increase your wingspan, but you can also help to keep your shoulders and back loose and help your posture when you're standing up straight. The majority of injuries at the gym and elsewhere occur because people simply do not stretch out their muscles enough.

Shoulder stretching also feels good and can help you stay loose for any number of other exercises. Whether you prefer to lift weights at the gym or run on the treadmill, shoulder stretching has a variety of benefits that can help you to make your shoulders stronger over time. Don't put yourself at risk for a shoulder injury. Instead, try shoulder stretching techniques that can help you to keep your shoulders in shape.

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