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3 Ways to Stretch a Pulled Groin

Fitday Editor

A pulled groin can really be a painful experience, and a nagging ordeal because it actually interferes with your ability to do normal activities properly, including stretching your groin. When you have a pulled groin, you don't want to do anything, even something that only seems insignificant, to aggravate it more. However, that can make stretching your pulled groin all the more difficult since you have to be very wary of how you handle stretching. The best way to go about trying to stretch a pulled groin is carefully and slowly.

1. Butterfly Stretch

The first way to stretch your pulled groin is the butterfly stretch, a stretch of modest difficulty that should be accessible enough for practically anyone to have a go at it. You begin this stretch by first sitting on the ground. Bend both of your knees in such a way that the bottoms of both of your feet end up touching each other. At this stage, make use of your hands to hold on to your feet. While in this position, use both of your elbows to make contact with your knees and then push them down toward the floor. Keep this position for about 10 to 15 seconds, but keep in mind that this should be a gentle stretch. If you start to feel some pain beyond the mere stretch, back off the motion.

2. Lunges

Lunges are another effective way to stretch your pulled groin. Get yourself into the lunge position, which involves standing with your feet shoulder width apart, then stepping forward with one foot so that your heel lands first. In the lunge position, make sure that your knee is at 90 degrees and right over your toes. Now, put both your left knee as well as your right foot on the ground. Make sure that your back is very straight and your right leg is perpendicular to the ground. To intensify the stretch in your pulled groin, just lean forward just a little bit, and do so for about 10 seconds. Finally, switch up your legs and do the pulled groin stretch for your other leg.

3. Standing Groin Stretch

Start off this position by standing with your feet farther apart than shoulder width. Lean to the right side by using the weight of your body. Next, put your right elbow onto your right knee so that you succeed at stretching your left groin. While you're doing this, keep both of your feet pointed forward. Keep your body in this position for between 15 and 20 seconds. Switch sides and do the same actions to stretch your right groin.

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