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3 Stretching Techniques to Do as a Couple

Fitday Editor
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Doing stretching techniques as a couple is an enjoyable way to increase flexibility. There are many types of individual stretches that a couple can also perform together by assisting each other during the movement. A couple may also want to try stretching together before performing a fitness activity.

1. Butterfly Stretch

The butterfly stretch works the inner thigh muscles. To perform the stretch as a couple, one person will do the exercise while the other provides assistance. The couple will need to sit down on the floor and face each other. The person doing the butterfly stretch must put the soles of both feet together, then pull their feet in toward them by grabbing and holding their ankles using an overhand grip. Their partner will then provide assistance by using their hands to apply downward pressure to the inside of both knees.

When each person performs the stretch, they should hold the position for a second and then have their partner stop applying pressure to the knees. 10 repetitions is a good number to use for butterfly stretches. As each person becomes more flexible they may want to increase the number of repetitions, or have their partner try to push their outer legs all the way to the floor.

2. Hamstring Stretch

There are several different hamstring stretches that a couple can perform together. For single leg stretches, one person will perform the exercise at a time while the other assists. The person doing the hamstring stretch places one of their ankles on the shoulder of their partner, who is kneeling on one leg. Their partner holds the ankle with both hands, then slowly stands up to stretch the hamstring.

To maximize the effectiveness of the exercise, the person that is stretching can lean forward and try to touch the toes of the leg that they are stretching. Each person should try to perform 10 hamstring stretches with both legs. Maintaining balance can often be an issue during a hamstring stretch, since the person who is stretching stands on only one leg at a time. It is a good idea to use the edge of a table or a chair to hold onto with one hand, to help prevent a possible loss of balance.

3. Lower Back Stretch

The couple can perform a lower back stretch at the same time. To perform the stretch, the couple must sit down on the floor and face each other. Each person will spread their legs out to the side as far as possible, with their toes pointing up. To begin the stretch, the couple will need to reach across and hold hands, and then one person will lean back and gently pull their partner toward them.

To switch the stretch, the person who was leaning back will then sit up and allow their partner to pull them forward. The pace of the exercise should be slow, so the couple can stretch without risking injury. Each person should perform at least 10 stretches so their lower back muscles get a good workout.

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