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3 Pre Workout Stretches for Swimmers

Fitday Editor
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Pre workout stretches are a praiseworthy idea if you want to swim without injuring yourself. Another benefit of stretching before you swim is to improve your performance once you're in the water. Swimming can best be thought of as an aerobic exercise, especially if the type of swimming that you do is one which doesn't have many interruptions in the laps that you swim. Swimming is an ideal exercise to work out all of your major muscle groups: abdominal muscles, gluteals, triceps and biceps, quadriceps and hamstrings. Certain types of swimming strokes even require the complicated coordination of a number of your various muscle groups and muscles. You will be better off for stretching before you do any sort of swimming.

1. Arm-up Rotator Stretch

The arm-up rotator stretch is the first pre workout stretch for swimming that you should get used to doing before you jump in the water. This type of stretch requires the use of a broom or any other suitable stick-type object. Begin by standing with one arm out to your side and your forearm bent at a 90-degree angle at the elbow, pointing straight up. With the free arm, take a broom stick and place it in the hand of the arm that is pointing straight up. Maneuver the broom so that it is dangling behind your elbow, and then use your free hand to hold it in place. This stretch will make you feel the burn of your biceps and triceps, as it is really meant to stretch out your arm. This is a great pre workout stretch for all the strokes you will do when swimming.

2. Posterior Shoulder Stretch

The posterior shoulder stretch is another one that you will want to rely on, should you have to swim some laps in the pool. Lie down flat on a surface and place most of your weight over one shoulder; to achieve this, it is best that you lie down on your side. With your opposite arm and hand, push your shoulder down into the floor. Make certain that your shoulder as well as your elbow joint stay at a 90-degree angle during this stretch. You will feel the stretch on the back of your shoulder.

3. Hamstring Stretch

The hamstring stretch solely sitting on the floor and extending one leg in front of you while you keep the other one tucked in. Place both of your hands over the knee of the leg that is stretched in front of you and gently lean forward, taking care not to put pressure on your knee. Don't arch your back excessively either, and see to it that your foot does not flex during this pre workout stretch.

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