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Three Basic Circuit Machine Workouts

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A basic circuit machine workout is a great way to exercise multiple muscle groups over a short period of time. These machines offer a variety of ways to develop strength, endurance, and tone muscles. The following workout plans address these three areas and specific levels of fitness. These workouts stress variety, which is key to keep up the intensity and enthusiasm. In general, each exercise should be performed 8-12 times in a set of 3.

Strength Workout

This workout will center around building muscle and power. The place to start is with your upper body. The initial point should be the chest. Start with the bench press and then move onto the biceps with thebicep curl machine. Shoulders are the next major muscle group and the shoulder press is the best machine. And to top it off you can do the tricep push-down and lat pull-down. Doing some abdominal crunches at the ab cruncher is a great way to end the upper body workout. The lower body is just as crucial as the upper to building strength and power. The leg press is the first place to start because it works the biggest muscle in the legs the quads. The calf should be next and a calf machine is perfect. The back of the leg can get neglected, so a leg curl machine can build this area. End this part of the workout with some leg extensions.

Endurance Workout

This workout will develop endurance and energy. After a 30 to 60 minute aerobic session on the elliptical or bike, you should move in a quick and continuous fashion through a set of exercises that emphasize the aerobic side of strength building. Keep your body guessing, so mix it up. Start with some leg presses and then move onto bicep curls. The key is to keep the energy level up.

Toning Workout

This workout is similar to the strength building, but it will emphasize toning rather than mass building. The main difference is the number of reps will be higher and the weight amount will be lower. A toned body is lean and tight. So each muscle group should be properly worked out not to exhaustion, but instead do a set of each machine up to 15 times. Mix it up here as well. Concentrate on isolating the muscle being worked on. Every three exercises go to the ab cruncher and do a set of 15 crunches. The way to end this workout is with a run on the treadmill or a session on the elliptical machine.

    Circuit machines offer variety, so boredom should not be a problem. They are easy to use and safe if performed correctly. Remember to fully understand what you want from your workout. And don't be afraid to mix it up. Try to combine the workouts, so you can build a complete, in-shape body.

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