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How to Avoid Cramping during Triathlon Training

Fitday Editor
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When you are triathlon training, you are putting your body at risk for cramping. Cramping occurs when one of your muscles undergoes a painful contraction that temporarily renders you unable to use it. Typically, triathlon runners undergo cramps in the leg muscles and sometimes even their arms due to the repetitive motions that they go through during training. Finishing a triathlon requires you to run for long stretches of time, swim for long stretches of time and bicycle for long stretches of time. All of that movement can leave you with cramped muscles if you're not careful. However, there are some ways to avoid cramping during your triathlon training.

Drink Plenty of Water

Though dehydration is not the only way thing that can cause muscle cramps, it is one of the leading causes. When your muscles are not getting enough fluids, they have a greater chance of cramping. Therefore, make sure that you're getting enough water when you are triathlon training. Drink water well before you start your workouts and continue drinking ice-cold water during workouts as well to replenish your fluid levels. Your body needs the water in order to function properly.

Stretch Before Training

Outside of just staying hydrated, stretching is incredibly important. By stretching out your muscles and going through a proper warm-up period, you can ensure that your body is fully prepared to train. Stretching also makes your muscles more elastic and helps you to run, swim and cycle harder without cramping your muscles.

Keep Proper Posture

The best way to cramp up during triathlon training is to use poor technique. If you get tired and start to use poor running form, you will put your body at risk of muscle cramps. Likewise, if you swim or cycle improperly, you will be prone to cramping more often. Learn how to do each of the three phases of a triathlon properly and stick to the technique you learn to avoid cramping.

Breathe Properly

During the running part of triathlon training, you may find that you cramp up in the area around your ribs. This is actually quite common and is the result of taking shallow breaths. This can be fixed by taking deeper breaths to get enough oxygen to your lungs. You can also raise your arms up to ensure that your body gets the oxygen. This action can get rid of the cramping altogether--sometimes in a matter of just a few seconds.

These are some of the ways to avoid cramping during your triathlon training. If you are suffering through cramping, try them to help your muscles function properly. If cramping continues, it could be the result of a more serious ailment. You might want to see your doctor to find out how to deal with the situation properly. Otherwise, these tips can help you get the most out of your workouts. Cramping may still occur from time to time, but you can cut most of your cramping issues out by getting enough fluids, stretching, using good techniques and breathing properly.

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