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Is Hollywood The Best Place to Find Healthy Weight Role Models?

Fitday Editor
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This article may be part opinion and part fact. Each day, magazines and websites influence people, telling them what is healthy and beautiful in terms of weight. Is there really a perfect weight? Who says you have to look a certain way or weigh a certain amount?

There is no denying the health benefits of being at a healthy weight. However, there are people who might be considered over weight, but they are just as healthy as they can be. People in the spotlight, TV personalities, or actors/actresses are not always the best role models for a healthy weight. Some are constantly dropping and gaining weight for their roles, or they are just too thin in general. Is this really attractive?

One problem may be the way high profile people are maintaining or losing weight. Some take drastic measures, such as cleanse diets, which have no proven benefit-they just deprive the body of nutrients. The body has a natural way of cleansing itself.

It may have been said before, and it seems it will always need repeating: lifestyle changes are the better choice for maintaining a healthy weight. Too many times we hear about a "proven" weight loss technique, pills that drop weight effortlessly, or a celebrity that swears by a certain diet which is cutting out major nutrient sources. The best advice is not to follow a diet plan that cuts out major food groups. Simple sugars, saturated fats and foods that are basically just calories are things that should be cut back.

The key is finding something you will do for the rest of your life. Cutting our certain foods tends to make people want that food more. Some of the most successful diet aids are the plans that teach you healthy eating and portion control. It's ok to allow yourself foods that you enjoy, but maybe not on a daily basis. Food that can be easily incorporated into a healthy diet are lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy products that provide nutrients naturally. Avoid drastic measures some celebrities take and opt for a lifelong change.

There are plenty of shows, magazines and online articles about everyday people with success stories on weight loss. Most of these people have decided to make a lifestyle change. They have consciously adjusted their food choices, start walking even 20 minutes a day, etc. These are the kinds of changes that last --realistic ways to make a healthy body. Incorporating exercise has been proven way to maintain weight loss. A positive role model for being at a healthy weight is someone who is active, makes healthy food choices and is mentally happy with how they look. A positive role model is someone that is comfortable in their own skin.

Jackie Termont, RD is a registered dietitian based in Richmond, VA. Jackie received her bachelor of science in nutrition from Purdue University in West, Lafayette, IN. She completed her dietetic internship at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. During that time she was placed in Beaufort, SC for her assignment. She has experience as a hospital dietitian and taught weekly classes on heart healthy diets. Currently she is working as a renal dietitian in a dialysis center, teaching patients about the kidney/dialysis diet. She loves to bake and cook most nights, and especially on the weekends. Coming up with new recipes and lightening up existing recipes is a hobby. Jackie enjoys helping people with ideas for healthier meals and loves to talk about food. She can be reached via email at at

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