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How to Add Healthy Years to Your Life

Fitday Editor

The anti-aging industry is booming, but there is no point of living longer if you cannot enjoy your retirement years in good health. Many of us think "aging" happens when one day we wake up and start to feel old and the symptoms we have seem to go into a domino effect - our bones creak, we develop pain in the body somewhere, we hate driving at night, we can't hear, and we start eating dinner at 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon.

It's Time for a New Way of Thinking

The medical community has focused on treating chronic diseases and reversing illnesses associated with aging - cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Since cancer and heart disease account for over 50% of all deaths, you would think you could live longer if you avoided these big killers. It turns out - this is not what is happening. Wiping them out only increases your life expectancy by 9 ½ years - not 30-40 like you might expect.

To add healthy, vibrant years to your life, you have to slow down the rate of aging at the cellular level - internally. Aging and disease are not the same thing. As we grow older, our system slowly deteriorates which makes us more vulnerable to disease. Here Are Some Tips to Consider:

Aging Is About How You Repair Yourself

It is not about your systems breaking down, which they can from time to time, but more about how your body repairs itself AND does your body have the proper nutrients to do this repair job! Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin C in your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables at every meal.

Aging Happens on the Inside, Not the Outside

Here is a secret about aging - your rate of aging doubles every 8 years and your job is to manage the inside as well as the outside to slow down the rate of aging. Omega 3's (fish oil) is a great supplement to take daily to reduce inflammation from the inside out.

Aging is More About Compounded Problems Rather Than One Individual Problem

The small problems may not have a big effect here and there, but if they get worse or begin to interact with other problems, that is when small health problems spiral into bigger health problems usually triggered by several different causes. Resveratrol is a powerful anti-oxidant made from red wine and prevents free radicals from attacking healthy cells.

Aging Can Be Reversed

You can nudge your systems to work in your favor and it is never too late to start making small changes that will have a huge impact on how you age. Just because you made mistakes in the past doesn't mean you cannot reverse them. If you smoke, find a way to quit. If you don't drink enough water, find a way to increase your intake to stay hydrated.

Perform a Good Habit for 3 Years

The effect on your body will be as if you have done it your entire life. Within 3 months, you will start noticing visible changes as well as physical ones.

So let's get started! Make a commitment to better food choices, whole foods and stay away from processed foods as much as possible. Exercise, and choose supplements that will support your body and mind. I wish you glowing good health, always!

Sherry L. Granader is a Sports Nutritionist, National Speaker and Spokesperson, Author of 2 healthy cookbooks, Writer, Ghost Writer, Nationally Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. She has shared the stage with such celebrities as Whoopi Goldberg, Suze Orman and the late Governor Ann Richards and served as the On-Air Nutritionist for QVC television in the United States and the UK. She has cooked for her favorite bodybuilder, Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) and his family, shared her nutrition expertise with Chuck Norris on the set of his movie "Sidekicks" and appeared on 8-time Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney's Championship Workouts on ESPN. Sherry hosted her own "Healthy Living" show on PBS for several years. For more information on Sherry, visit or write to Sherry at

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