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FitDay Interview With Olympian and Fitness Expert, Kristi Yamaguchi

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FitDay got the opportunity to interview Kristi Yamaguchi - Olympic gold medalist, World Figure Skating champion, winner of "Dancing with the Stars," fitness expert, author, wife, and mom. With celebrity trainer Erin O'Brien, Kristi developed Kristi Yamaguchi: Power Workout, a quick and efficient exercise DVD.

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Split into three 10-minute circuits, the workout combines heart-pumping cardio blasts with strength-training moves to burn calories, tone the whole body, and provide a boost of energy for even the most hectic of schedules. Read on to find out Kristi and Erin's answers to YOUR questions.

1. When trying to lose weight or get in shape, what goals do you set to accomplish? What is the time frame you give yourself to accomplish your goals?

I try to be more conscious of my diet as far as avoiding too many carbs and junk food. I also allot some time for fitness. Either my exercise DVD or just playing around with my kids. I usually give myself at least 3 weeks to start to see a difference.

2. How do you stay motivated to work out every day?

It's hard to stay motivated. I have been setting up workout "dates" with my friend and my husband and that helps for accountability. I also keep in mind the outcome I'm hoping for and how good it feels to be in shape.

20110502-kristi-450.jpgKristi's trainer Erin O'Brien weighs in:

3. What is the best exercise for those with over 100 pounds of fat to lose?

A combination of moderate cardiovascular exercise (walking) and high repetition of moderate weights. Do this for the first month, then add more vigorous exercise and heavier weights... Work your way up to the Kristi Yamaguchi: Power Workout in about 4 weeks.

4. How can I fit your Power Workout DVD into my regular exercise routine? Should I do it every day, or is it better to switch things up?

How can I fit your Power Workout DVD into my regular exercise routine? I would recommend doing it in the beginning 3X per week. After about a month, start to rotate in other programs. You should continually try to shock the body to keep optimal results.

5. I get winded when I try to exercise too hard. How can I get my heart rate up without becoming too tired to continue my workout?

You need to start SLOWLY. Once you have a good baseline of cardiovascular strength (I'd say a month of doing steady, moderate walking or biking), then you should begin doing high intensity intervals, to further strengthen your heart and lungs. Make sure you have been cleared by your doctor, however, before you begin any exercise program.

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