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Workout Recovery: Replenishing Nutrients after Depletion

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After your workout, recovery is required to make your body as strong as possible. Recovery gives your body plenty of time to strengthen itself and build muscles. Workouts are difficult and strenuous for your body, which is why it needs so much time to recover.

When you are exercising your body uses up energy. This will help you to lose weight. However, your body will also lose nutrients. You need to replace these nutrients after your workout to improve your health. By consuming the right nutrients, you can also make your workout much more effective.

What Are Nutrients?

There are six main types of nutrients which are in our food: vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and water. It's vital that you find out how these nutrients affect your body. After your workout, these minerals will need to be replaced to help recovery.


Although water doesn't have any real nutritional value, it's still worth mentioning here. It's important to replace lost fluids to make sure your body can function properly. Without enough water, your body simply isn't able to recover. Water is used to remove waste, transport minerals and to regulate your body's temperature.


Carbohydrates are important type of nutrient because they provide your body with energy. There are many different types of carbohydrates, including lactose, maltose and sucrose. There are many sources of carbohydrates including vegetables, potatoes and beans.

For the first 90 minutes of exercise the body will use glycogen in your muscles. After this period, your body will then burn carbohydrates and fat reserves. You need to replenish carbohydrates soon after you start exercising. This will increase the amount of glycogen stored in your muscles, which will make physical workouts much easier.


Proteins are some of the most useful minerals in your body, as these have a number of uses. They are a source of energy and also as building blocks for your body. Proteins will be burned to provide energy during your workout. It's important to replace these after your workout.

Proteins can be found in various foods. Some of the best sources include fish, poultry, meat and dairy products. These all contain useful amino acids, which helps your body to repair itself. There are also proteins available from rice, wheat and corn, however, these don't have all of the same benefits.


Many people will take a multi-vitamin just before they start exercising. However, it's much better to take it just after you have finished your workout. Your body will be more receptive to vitamins when it is running low on them.

Many vitamins will be lost through sweat, which is why they need to be replaced. Ensure that the multivitamins you take are high quality and contain everything that you need.


Chromium is an important nutrient which is used to control the insulin in your body. By taking chromium polynicotinate within two hours of the end of your exercise, you can increase the amount of glycogen stored in your muscles.


Antioxidants are a useful nutrient which prevents premature aging. Vitamins C and E have antioxidant properties. These can be consumed in capsules or by eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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