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Why Taking Tap Dance Lessons Will Help You Lose Weight

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Tap dance lessons are a fun way of getting aerobic exercise on a regular basis. From the classic movies of the 1920s to Shirley Temple's infamous tap dancing to the tapping of Gene Kelly and Olivia Newton-John in "Xanadu," tap has a rich legacy in dance and pop culture entertainment. Tap dancing can do more than teach you some cool moves; it can also help you lose weight and get fit.

Why Tap Dancing?

Tap dancing is a common type of dance taught to little girls; it is often offered alongside ballet. The reason why is clear; it's fun. The success of "Happy Feet" reminded many people of the joy and diversity of tap dancing, and now you can find tap classes at both dance studios and fitness centers. When you choose tap dancing classes as your aerobic workout to help in your weight loss efforts, you are essentially adding a new hobby. It will be a joy to do, rather than a bland aerobics session that has your mind counting down the minutes until its end.

Tap Dancing and Calorie Burning

Tap dancing burns approximately 315 calories per hour. If you have a two-hour tape dance class, that is 630 calories burned. If you take two-hour tape classes five days per week, that is almost a full pound of calorie-burning. Of course, you do not have to be so extreme. If you only took a one-hour tap dance class three times per week, it could still equate to an entire pound lost per month through adding a tap dance class and not moderating your lifestyle in any other way.

How Tap Dancing Can Motivate You

Tap dancing really works your whole body, while simultaneously giving you a full cardiovascular workout with every class. A lot of tap dance revolves around syncopation, requiring you to carefully think and focus as well. It really becomes a hobby for many people, involving themselves in recitals and even tap dancing competitions. By focusing on dance as more than a means to fitness and weight loss, it really makes being fit for life more attainable and within your grasp. Take tap dancing as far as your passion for it allows, realizing that it is a great tool in your weight loss efforts.

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