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Tone Your Thighs and Butt while Sitting Down

Fitday Editor

Do you feel you're too sedentary all day at work because the majority of your time is spent in a chair? Don't fret any longer, and tone your thighs and butt with these quick chair exercises throughout the day.

Exercise #1: Leg Circles

Sit at the edge of your chair with your left leg bent and your right leg straight. Slowly make small circles to the right with your straight leg. Gradually make the circles bigger, and then switch directions starting with small circles going to the left. After you are finished with your right leg, switch it up and do the same thing on the left leg. Try doing 30 seconds of leg circles to the right and then 30 second to the left on each leg.

Exercise #2: Buttocks Squeezes

The easiest exercise you can do while working is buttocks squeezes. Just sit in your chair and squeeze your butt, and then release. To make the exercise more difficult, hold the squeeze a few seconds before releasing. Try doing this for one minute.

Exercise #3: The Alphabet

Sit at the edge of your chair. Lift one leg with your toes slightly touching the ground. Simulate painting each letter in the alphabet on the floor with your toes. Then repeat the alphabet, but with your heel slightly touching the ground. Switch legs after completing the alphabet with your toes and heel at least one or two times through.

Exercise #4: Knee Raises

Sit in your chair, with both feet flat on the floor and your back straight. Lift one knee up as far as it can go, while pointing your toes. Then lower your foot back to the ground, and switch legs. Continuously to do this for one minute while alternating legs. To make the exercise more difficult, lift both knees at the same time.

Exercise #5: Leg Raises with Side Press

Start in the same position as exercise #4, but straighten your legs with your toes pointed. Unilaterally, lift each leg to a 90 degree angle, press your leg out as far as it will go, return to the center, and lower. This exercise will be a four count move for each leg. Try doing this exercise for one minute. To make the exercise harder, lift both legs at the same time.

Try these exercises the next time you are in the office to keep your muscles working, and keep you feeling great about your butt and thighs. Don't feel shy about doing these exercises in front of your coworkers, either. Get others to join in with you!

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