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The Exercise Benefits of Joining the Rowing Crew Team

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If you are thinking of joining the rowing crew, you must be looking to get a real workout for all your ambition of wanting to join. Maybe you also like the rivalry of competitive rowing and the wonderful smell of that salty seawater, but one thing is for certain: If you join the rowing crew, you will get a righteous workout across your whole body, even though it appears like you are just moving your arms for the most part. The exercise benefits of rowing are plentiful, and one of the main reasons for this fact is that you are actually exercising all your major muscle groups. Some of these health benefits may just persuade you to join the rowing team if you haven't already.

Exercise for All the Major Muscle Groups

Rowing is noteworthy for the fact alone that it exercises all your major muscle groups. As significant is the fact that rowing is among only a few non-weight bearing sports or activities that give you the benefit of exercising all your muscle groups. Some of these muscle groups include your quads, glutes, lats, triceps, biceps and abdominals. Your quads are made up of the four main muscles at the front of your thigh, and these get worked out because of the rhythmic and repetitive motion of your whole body. Similarly, your abdominal muscles get worked out because of the relentless, back-and-forth motion of your whole body during rowing.

Proper Breathing

If you make it on the rowing crew team, you will learn about proper breathing in a hurry because like weightlifting, rowing demands that you breathe properly. There are two approaches to breathing during rowing: the full-lung technique and the empty-lung technique. The empty-lung technique, especially, is the one which will really get you to breathe in a whole new manner. You get to collapse your lungs further with each breath. This actually permits you to produce a higher amount of oxygen and air volume exchange with each breath you take. As a result, you will be able to reach somewhat further with each stroke because your knees are at your chest.

Burns Calories Fast

Many people likely think of rowing as a sport that will make you get bigger muscles because of all the rowing motions. But actually, a huge benefit is the extreme number of calories you will burn during a workout on the rowing crew team. A severe calorie-burning exercise, rowing burns calories because of all the energy you expend with each rowing motion; you also get to burn fat around your midsection because rowing works your abdominal muscles. You must take note that if you are only a beginner, you will not burn as many calories as more experienced and trained rowers.

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