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One Week to a Slimmer Body: Focusing on the Little Things

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A slimmer body may involve a regular workout program, but it may also depend on your lifestyle and your level of activity. As a test, you can try a week of focusing on small activities and you will see that you get better results than in a week when you decide to be a couch potato. Focusing on little things can add up to a higher use of your energy, and you can shed some additional pounds.

Focusing on Little Things

Even little things count when it comes to slimming. This is because these activities add up and at the end of the day you will be burning more calories than when you decide to skip the little things. When you are focusing on getting a slimmer body, you should think that every activity counts, regardless of whether it's picking up a pencil from the floor or brushing your teeth or hair for two additional minutes.

Think in terms of calories, and even if each activity will consume only 2 to 5 calories, if you perform 50 such small activities per day, you will end up burning 100 calories more each day and 700 calories per week. This means that you can lose up to half a pound in a week. In addition, you will be more energetic and this may also influence your frame of mind.

Activities Not to Miss

When you want a slimmer body you shouldn't skip any opportunity to move. Include activities such as:

  • Climb the stairs and avoid the elevator; if you live on the 17th floor or your office is on the 50th floor, you can use the elevator, but make sure you climb 3 or 4 floors as well. This will make sure that you consume more calories and make the best of your day, without actually taking up more of your time.
  • Park farther from your office/home. You can walk the rest of the distance. The 10 minute walk will consume between 20 to 50 calories and this will add up if you do it on a daily basis.
  • Move around every 50 minutes while at work; perform 5 minutes of stretching, walking in the office/workplace.
  • Walk to the store instead of sending someone or taking your car.
  • Offer to prepare/pick up the lunch or dinner.
Every Small Activity Counts

You should bear in mind that every small activity counts, and take every opportunity to move and burn calories. After one week, you will see the difference and you will also feel better. After a few months, the results may be more impressive and you can see that you may lose several pounds while focusing only on small things.

However, you should not add more food to your diet thinking that you need to eat more, because this can affect your results. Continue eating as much as before, but take every opportunity to consume some calories.

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