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Making Time for Exercise: 4 After-Work Exercises

Fitday Editor

Making time to exercise after work is important if you want to lose weight and improve your fitness. If you are like most people then you probably have a busy schedule and find it difficult to squeeze in the time to exercise. After work is a good time to workout. Here are some exercises that you can do after office hours.


Going for a run after work is not only a good way for you to become more physically active, but it also gives you a chance to de-stress. Running can be done on a treadmill or outdoors if the weather permits it. All you need to get started are a good pair of running shoes, a sports bra for maximum support and your portable music player if you prefer to workout to the tune of your favorite songs. Running is particularly ideal if you are looking for a good workout that can help you lose weight. In fact, among all cardiovascular exercises, running is proven to burn the highest amount of calories. Running also has anti-aging benefits, boosts cardiovascular health and protects you from bone loss. If you've tried running before then you also probably know that running offers psychological benefits. This exercise helps you manage stress and also boosts your confidence.

Brisk Walking

If you are looking for a simple and easy workout that you can do after work then brisk walking may be the ideal exercise for you. Walking is a low-impact exercise, making it appropriate if you are overweight, pregnant or suffering from any chronic pain that prevents you from doing more strenuous exercises. If you want to engage in walking, make sure that you invest in good walking shoes since this is the only equipment you will need. Make sure your walking shoes provide plenty of arch support and are made from durable material. After work, you can simply change into comfortable clothes, slip into your walking shoes and hit the pavement. Walking regularly helps lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer.

Strength Training

If there is a gym near your office then you might want to sign up for a membership. This will allow you to engage in some regular strength training after work. Perhaps the most common misconception about strength training for women is that it will make you develop bodybuilder muscles. This belief is actually a fallacy. Women lack the amount of testosterone necessary to increase muscle mass through strength training. In fact, if your goal is not just to lose weight but also to give your body and toned look then you will have to do some strength training along with cardio exercises.


Another good idea is to enroll in a yoga class that meets after your work hours. Yoga is another low-impact exercise that you can try if you wish to tone your body. Since it involves slow and gentle movements, it also requires less effort on your part. Because of its emphasis on meditation, yoga also helps you achieve internal peace and relaxation which are essential after a stressful day at work.

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