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In Need of Exercise Motivation? 4 Tips for the Unmotivated

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When you are having difficulty starting a workout program, finding some exercise motivation will help get you into the gym. Decide which type of exercises you want to do, then create a workout program. You may also want to take a full length picture of yourself on a regular basis, so you can use it to keep tabs on your progress.

Set Goals

Goal setting is an important part of the motivation process. Set short-term and long-term goals, so you can monitor your progress. For example, if your long-term goal is to lose 20 pounds in five months, set a short-term goal of losing four pounds each month. You may also want to set a short-term goal of losing one pound each week. Set goals that are realistic, or you may lose your motivation if you fail to achieve one of your expectations.

Join a Gym

Working out at a gym can help motivate you to train harder. Pick a gym that has the type of equipment you like to train on. For example, if you like to train with free weights, you will not need to join a gym that has an abundance of these items. You do not have to join the most expensive gym in town, but if you are paying a sizable amount for the monthly membership, that fact will help to motivate you to use the facilities on a regular basis.

Find a Workout Partner

Working out with a partner will help to motivate you. Try to find a training partner that is in a little better shape than you, so you will push yourself to improve your fitness level. You should also look for a partner who likes to do multiple fitness activities, so you can vary your workouts.

If you and your workout partner both have specific goals you are trying to reach, sit down with her and design a workout program that will be mutually beneficial. Try to workout with your partner on the same days each week so you get into a routine. Also, if your partner has to cancel a training session for any reason, make sure that you still get your workout in. You will be a little ahead of her the next time you train together.

Reward Yourself

When you achieve a short-term goal, reward yourself for your accomplishment. For example, if you reach a goal of losing five pounds in one month, treat yourself to a day off from training or a low-fat dessert. As the time deadline nears, if your short-term goal is within reach, motivate yourself by keeping in mind the reward that is waiting for you.

It is important to also keep the big picture in mind when you are training to reach a long-term goal. When you do finally reach your long-term goal, give yourself a bigger reward. Remember this reward, and use it as motivation on days that you do not feel like working out.

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