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Improve Your Golf Flexibility with 4 Exercises

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If you are stiff on the golf course, there's a good chance you're suffering from a real lack of golf flexibility. Though golfing is often viewed as a sport that requires very little physical activity, there is a lot that goes into golf when it comes to the performance of the human body. Specifically, the body has to be flexible in order to maintain good posture during a golf swing. Every single muscle has to work properly and work together in order to get the perfect golf swing. From the hands and wrists that helps grip the golf club, to the hips that help create the acceleration of the golf club, to the feet that help swing through the golf ball, golf flexibility is one of the most underrated aspects of the game of golf.

If you find yourself struggling on the golf course, it's probably because you struggle with golf flexibility. Here are 4 simple golf exercises that you can do to improve your golf flexibility:

Side Stretch

Stand up straight. Take one of your hands and reach up and then over. Make sure you remain level and only reach to the side, not forward. This should help you stretch out everything from your oblique muscles to your shoulder muscles and give you improved range when you swing your golf club.

Quadriceps Stretch

Stand in front of a chair and place one of your feet up onto it. Squeeze the buttock muscle on the same leg. By doing this, you should feel your quadriceps stretch. You also rotate the trunk of your body to simulate your golf swing to get an even better stretch.

Triceps Stretch

Your wrists and shoulders need to be loose when you hit a golf ball. Therefore, you should try this exercise. Clasp your hands together and reach behind your head. Gradually, reach your hands down your back until you feel your wrists, shoulders and triceps stretch.

Back Stretch

Stand behind a chair. Make sure that both of your feet are apart and hold onto the chair. Now bend forward slightly until you feel the muscles in your back stretch. This is great for loosening your back.

Of course, there are some other exercises that you can do to improve the range of motion in your arms, shoulders, wrists, back and legs. But, these are very simple tips to improve your golf flexibility immediately.

The Benefits of Golf Flexibility

Outside of just feeling better on the golf course, golf flexibility has some real benefits to it. For one, you can improve muscle elasticity and blood circulation throughout your body by having good golf flexibility. You can also prevent injuries to your arms, shoulders, wrists, hips, back and legs by having good golf flexibility. Follow the steps above and you'll be well on your way.

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