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How to Gain Muscle Fast & Organically

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There are many supplements and drugs that will enable you to gain muscle fast. However, if you want to avoid a synthetic approach, try using a program of exercise and organic dietary changes. By committing to gaining muscle organically, you will allow your body to naturally yield fast, impressive results.

Time Management: Food = Workout

Proper timing of food consumption can mean the difference between a successful workout with an increase in muscle gain and a mediocre workout with little or no gain.

  1. Eat 1.5 hours before a workout, no sooner, to utilize optimal energy output.
  2. Eat one or two pieces of fruit within twenty minutes after a workout to replace lost glycogen. This prevents your body from going into a catabolic state. A catabolic state is the body's response to stress, which inhibits protein, glycogen and triglyceride synthesis. When in this state, muscle is not repaired and increased. By eating fruit the body temporarily maintains an anabolic state until you can consume a proper meal. This continues muscle tissue reparation allowing you to gain muscle.

Exercise Organically: No Needed Supplements Here

Supplements are a good addition to a muscle gaining workout, but if you want to remain organic there are available workout strategies to consider. Although you may already be incorporating a heavy three-set workout that concentrates on building muscle instead of toning, there could be some basics you may have forgotten about or overlooked.

  1. Switch up your workout so you are not working the same muscle groups at the same time on the same day. This will 'shock' your muscles into micro-tearing more muscle and repairing it which will result in fast muscle gain.
  2. Negatives are another great way to give your muscles a different routine that will generate muscle gain. This is the practice of placing a heavier load on your muscle in order to stimulate growth. It is done by holding the return weight in a slow methodical movement. For example, when bench pressing you push the weight up, drop it back down and push it up again. When applying negatives you push the weight up and slowly hold the weight as you very, very slowly bring it down.

Organic Muscle Building Foods

Without supplements the body still needs added nutritional components to replace chemically laced powders, drinks, bars and shakes. Therefore, taking a look at your diet and adjusting it according to your needed workout fuel can produce excellent results. Be sure and apply your eating program to the above mentioned time management techniques.

  1. Protein is great for muscle building. Look for organic, lean meats, and fish, quinoa (high protein grain) legumes, edamame and nuts to enhance protein synthesis for gaining muscle fast.
  2. Carbohydrates can fuel your workout enabling you to lift more weight and gain more muscle. Be sure and stay away from simple carbs, such as white flour, white rice and white pasta. Instead, load up on organic brown rice or whole wheat pasta and organic sprouted breads.

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