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How to Do Clock Lunges

Fitday Editor

If you are looking for a new way to lift and tone your buns and thighs, then clock lunges are a great exercise. This move gives you a complete lower body workout by challenging nearly every muscle in your legs.

How to Perform the Clock Lunge

To complete clock lunges, you want to begin with your hands on your hips and standing with feet hip-width apart. Lunge forward with your left foot and lower until your left knee forms a 90-degree angle. Return to standing.

Next, take a big step or lunge out to your left with your left leg. Your right leg will remain straight while your left leg bends to nearly a 90-degree angle at the hip and knee. Return to standing.

Finally, lunge backwards with your left leg so that your left and right knees each form a 90-degree angle. Return to standing to complete one repetition. Aim to do 10 repetitions and then switch legs. When performing this exercise, make sure that your neck lines up with your spine. You also want to make sure that your knees never go past your toes. The clock lunge works your glutes, inner thighs, hamstrings and quadriceps muscles. It also engages your abdominal muscles to keep you balanced.

Making it Harder

You can increase the challenge of the clock lunge by adding various pieces of gym equipment. To increase the lower body challenge, try holding dumbbells in each hand down by your side. If you want to make this exercise more challenging on your core, do your lunges onto a Bosu Ball. To make this an upper body workout, hold dumbbells over your head while you complete the lunges.

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