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How to do Alternating Split Lunges

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Alternating split lunges are a great exercise that strengthen and tone the lower body and core. This is important for people who are interested in total body fitness. Be sure to ask a friend or gym member to spot you the first time you attempt the exercise in order to make sure your form is correct.

About Alternating Split Lunges

Alternating split lunges are a great total body exercise that can be done by almost anyone. This exercise not only targets the muscles in your legs and lower body, but also requires you to engage the muscles in your core, thereby toning and stabilizing this trouble zone. Be aware that if you have never performed this exercise before, you may want to ask a friend or fellow gym member to spot you. While it is not a difficult exercise to do, it is helpful if another person is watching you in order to make sure the maneuver is being performed properly.

Positioning Your Body

Before performing alternating split lunges, it is important that you are positioned properly. Start by clearing a space on the floor, making sure there are no dumbbells or other pieces of equipment that could interfere with the lunge. Stand tall in the center of the open space with your toes facing forward and your feet approximately one foot apart from each other. Look down at the floor at a spot that is around three feet in front of your body.

Performing Alternating Split Lunges

Now that you are in the right position, you can begin to perform the alternating split lunges. Start by taking a few deep breaths. As you inhale, step your right foot out approximately three feet in front of your body. Slowly bend your right knee, lowering your body down to the ground. This is where a friend of fellow gym member can come in handy. Ask them to look at the angle created by the bent knee. Ideally, your knee should be bent at a 90-degree angle, with your foot directly under your knee. Exhale and use the muscles in your lower body and core to push yourself back up to standing. Bring the right foot back to the starting position. Repeat the maneuver, but this time step out with the left foot. Do 10 repetitions with each foot before taking a short break. Do another 2 sets of 10 repetitions of the alternating split lunges in order to achieve optimal results.

Increasing the Intensity

Alternating split lunges are a relatively difficult exercise, and it may take you a while before you need to increase the intensity. Once you do, a great way to make the exercise more difficult is by holding a set of dumbbells in your hands. This increases the weight that the legs must work against, thereby intensifying the exercise.

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