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Get Abs Fast: Try These 3 Routines Today

Fitday Editor

To get abs fast, there are certain routines that you can try today. The secret key to getting abs fast has to do with a workout that targets all of your abdominal muscles. General exercises and dieting are not going to produce the abs you want. The important point to remember is to reject any kind of ab machine in your regimen. You also want to increase the amount of cardio exercises that you do. Workouts like swimming, running, walking at a brisk pace and cycling are all ideal for getting abs fast. These are exercises that really burn calories off, because they are physically intense activities.

1. Tummy Curls

This exercise routine works your horizontal ab muscles. All you have to do to begin this exercise is lie on your back. Bend both of your knees so that they form almost 90-degree angles with the floor. Raise your feet in the air so that they are a little higher than your knees. Exhale and lift your rear end off the ground a little. In one continuous motion, roll your legs and rear end toward your shoulder blades. Take a breath in and roll toward your tailbone, but don't let your rear end touch the ground again. Instead, stop just before your rear end hits the ground and return to the previous roll toward your shoulder blades. Repeat this sequence of rolls 20 times to begin the process of getting abs fast.

2. Belly Rolls

Belly rolls are designed to work your vertical ab muscles. You begin by sitting on the floor with your legs bent and your feet firmly placed on the floor. The placement of your arms should be flat and straight in front of you. Begin to exhale as you roll your body backward, until your lower back finally touches the ground. At this point, stop the roll and inhale. As you take in a breath, roll back up to your original starting position. Continue doing this 15 times. After your 15th time, exhale and roll your body back until your shoulder blades touch the ground. At that point, stop the rolling motion and roll back up to your starting position. Repeat this sequence 15 times.

3. Tailbone Lifts

For a routine that works your lower ab muscles, try tailbone lifts. Start by lying on your back with your arms straight in the air and your legs totally extended, crossed and also in the air. Start exhaling, and as you do, begin to lift your tailbone off the ground. Begin to inhale and lower your tailbone to the ground in a gradual fashion. Don't drop your tailbone back to the ground. Repeat this motion 30 times.

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