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6 Reasons Why Water Exercising is Fun and Effective

Fitday Editor

Water exercising is a fun and effective way to meet your daily exercise needs. Whether you are swimming laps, playing water volleyball, doing water calisthenics or water aerobics, your body benefits in numerous ways. Here are six reasons to exercise in water:

1. Increases Circulation

Exercising in water is great for your circulation. When you swim in warm water, your blood vessels dilate improving your circulation. If you are someone who suffers from cold hands and feet, which is usually an indication of poor circulation, exercising in water may be good for you.

2. Regulates Body Temperature

Some people avoid exercise or cut their activity short because they do not like feeling hot and sweaty. Exercising in water regulates your body temperature. You do not have to deal with extremes of temperature. This allows you to focus on enjoying your fitness activity. Also, for those dealing with asthma, exercising in moderate temperatures is very important to avoid the lung spasms that arise from exercising in the cold.

3. Provides Social Engagement

When most people think of water exercise, swimming is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are numerous ways to exercise in water. Water aerobics and water volleyball are just two examples. The advantage of these activities is that you can exercise with others. You can be mentally engaged and have a good time in a group. Time flies when you are enjoying yourself.

4. Reduces Chances of Injury

Water exercise is considered safer for those who are dealing with arthritis and joint problems. When you exercise in water, the water creates a similar type of resistance to what you'd experience when exercising with weights. Water, however, is much gentler than weights and protects you from injuries. Swimming in warm water will keep your muscles and joints warm, warding off injuries.

5. Increases Relaxation

Exercising in water can be very relaxing. When you use an outdoor pool or swim in a lake or ocean, you benefit from the energizing rays of the sun. Be sure to always use sunscreen to protect your skin. After swimming laps in a pool, it can be very relaxing to float on your back and gently move through the water as a cool down. Floating this way while looking at the sky can be very invigorating and relaxing.

6. Provides Variety

Exercising on the water as opposed to in the water is also a lot of fun. Cycling on the water or wind surfing are examples of ways that you can engage your muscles while benefiting from the clean, outdoor air and warmth of the sun. Water exercises can spice up your exercise routine.

If you feel uninspired by regular visits to the gym, consider trying one of the numerous ways that you can exercise both in and on the water. Swimming, water aerobics, water cycling, and water volleyball are just some of the examples of ways that you can regulate your body temperature, improve your circulation, exercise with others and do so in ways that are both relaxing and fun.

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