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5 of the Best Workout Channels on YouTube

It used to be tough (and expensive) to get the best training knowledge, whether you were new to fitness or you were looking to perfect your technique. Not so much anymore, thanks to YouTube. It’s commonly accepted that if something exists, someone has uploaded a video of it to YouTube, and that’s no different for fitness. So, if you’re looking for some virtual companionship while you sweat it out or you just need help hitting the right form in your exercises, these are some of the best workout channels YouTube has to offer.

Yoga With Adriene

Type in “yoga” into YouTube and, chances are, the first page of videos with almost solely be Yoga With Adriene videos. Adrienne has been at it for years, and by now, she’s uploaded a few different month-long yoga programs tailored to beginners. But, just because her videos are meant for newbies doesn’t mean that they won’t work you hard. Expect to sweat it out and feel muscle burn in places you didn’t know you have muscles. There are plenty of yoga tutorials to be found on YouTube, but it’s doubtful that any other hosts are as gentle and nonjudgmental as Adriene.


Scott Herman’s YouTube channel is the end-all be-all when it comes to free weight exercises. While Herman’s video’s tend to skew more toward the bodybuilding side of working out, there are still some great tips to be found that are sure to help you improve your free weight form. Topics include fitness motivational and general question and answers.


As Ethan Newberry, aka The Ginger Runner, says in his YouTube channel’s introduction video, he’s not a professional, but he’s a runner, and his channel is built for runners. And when it comes to YouTube channels, there are few better resources for running tips, tricks, and gear reviews. Besides the quality information in his videos, you can check out his weekly live shows, where he answers viewer questions and talks with other runners.


FitnessBlender gets points for the sheer number of videos alone. With more that 500 videos uploaded to its channel, you’d be a fitness god or goddess after going through each of them. And if you think that to get those numbers, every video would have to be a short, five-minute video clip, you’re wrong. Some videos–such as one that takes you through the 1000 calorie workout–last up to an hour and a half! FitnessBlender covers just about every type of exercise, with multiple programs for you to try your hand at.

Global Cycling Network

Global Cycling Network covers everything cycling – news, maintenance, how-tos, and much, much more. But perhaps GCN’s best videos for viewers looking to get fit are the Train With GCN series. Made for indoor cyclists, these videos put you into a spinning class just like you’d find at your local gym – except this one’s free. There are more than a dozen videos that target multiple workouts for both long and short time commitments.

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