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4 Things to Remember When Using Strength Training Equipment

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For those who are new to exercise, strength training equipment can be somewhat intimidating. But when a few basic techniques are followed, weight lifting can be a piece of cake. For best results, remember to use proper technique when lifting weights. In addition, choosing the right weights, understanding weight versus repetition, and using a spotter are all great ways to dramatically improve your gym experience.

Learn Proper Technique

One of the most important things to remember when using strength training equipment is to be sure that you are using the proper techniques when performing the exercise. This is especially important when using dumbbells, body balls, and other types of free weights. While strength training machines typically take most of the guesswork out of lifting weight, using dumbbells or the other types of equipment described above can allow for quite a range in performance. Make sure that you are thoroughly versed in the performance of each exercise you are performing in order to achieve optimal results.

Choose the Right Weights

Next, be sure to choose the right weights when it comes to using strength training equipment. Choosing weights that are too heavy can result in serious injuries that can take weeks or even months to heal. Similarly, using weights that are too light can leave you feeling frustrated that you are not achieving your goals as fast as desired. Typically, when lifting weights, start slow, and gradually increase weight. If you can easily perform ten repetitions of the exercise you are doing, the weight is too light. Typically, for best results, you should only be able to perform between ten and fifteen repetitions of a particular exercise before fatigue begins to set in.

Understand Weight vs. Repetitions

As discussed above, you typically should only be able to perform between ten and fifteen repetitions of an exercise before you feel fatigue. But what does this mean when choosing the right weights? Typically, the heavier the weights you use, the fewer repetitions will be performed. In contrast, lighter weights can typically be performed in sets with several repetitions.

Use a Spotter

In order to achieve optimal results when using strength training equipment, it is also very important to understand the importance of a spotter. A good spotter can not only help protect against possible injury when lifting weights, but can also provide tips and guidance to make sure that ideal form is used. Typically, most fellow gym members will be willing to offer you a quick spot, granted that you will do the same when they request it. If there are not any people exercising at the same time as you, or if you have doubts about their ability to help you, consider asking a gym employee for a spot. These people are typically trained in the art of weight lifting, and should be more than happy to help you out.

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