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3 Types of Resistance Exercises

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Resistance exercise is based on training that incorporates resistance to your regular force of normal muscle contraction. It is also based on training that uses hydraulic or elastic resistance (which is actually a well-specified type of strength training that merely uses hydraulic or elastic resistance to produce this resistance). The good thing with resistance exercise is that you are actually using the very simple concept of just employing your own weight along with gravity to challenge and then train your body. For the most part, resistance exercises tone your body and make certain that you become leaner in your frame. Here are three types of resistance exercises that you should take a stab at.

1. Triceps Curl

In this resistance exercise, you train with the aid of free weights. You have two choices: You can either hold your weights in both hands, or you can opt to get a larger weight which you will then hold in both hands. If you need to, you can utilize your free arm and hand to steady the other arm which you're working out. The purpose of the steadying is that this resistance exercise will turn into a workout routine that features more strict movement.

2. Basic Push Up

The most classic and possibly well-known of all exercises, the resistance exercise of the push up should really become a standard part of your workout routine. The reason for this is the fact that it is an easy form of strength training that does not require fancy equipment or cost you extra. All you need is your two hands that you will use to push yourself off and propel yourself into the actual push up. The benefit of this particular type of resistance exercise is that it works out your whole upper body, arms, shoulders and back muscles. If women want to have a little bit of help because they find the basic push up too hard to do, they can always lean on the aid of push up grips, which also helps women whose wrists are too delicate to do a basic push up properly.

3. Lunges

Lunges are resistance exercises that you can utilize if you want to come away with better-looking buttocks and better-toned inner thighs. To do a lunge, all you need to do is stand with your feet shoulder's width apart and take a step forward with one foot, so that you land it on the ground with its heel first. You continue this motion of stepping forward until your back knee is almost touching the ground. In the successful lunge position, the knee belonging to the leg that you stepped forward with must be at a 90-degree angle and right above your toes. After holding this posture for some seconds, return to your original form by just driving up on the leg that is in the 90-degree angle position. You should repeat this for the other leg.

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