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3 Inner Thigh Exercises You Can Start Today

Fitday Editor

Inner thigh exercises are mainly a woman's exercise of choice, primarily because they promise to tone the inner thighs, lessen fat, and then give them an attractive, overall appearance. Women in particular are attracted to this type of exercise because it is said to isolate the inner thigh muscles and therefore create the toning that women so desire. These inner thigh exercises are not hard to do, and you can pace yourself while doing them, working in as much or as little as you want of the exercise. As with all forms of exercise, just remember not to overexert yourself and back off at the earliest moment that you feel any pain or discomfort.

1. Inner Thigh Squeeze

The inner thigh squeeze is the first inner thigh exercise that you should have no trouble starting right away. The only piece of equipment you require is the exercise ball, and not even a big one. Just lie on your back and raise your legs in the air with the exercise ball between your knees. To keep the ball from dropping, squeeze it tightly between your legs and also put your hands on the floor for additional support. Here's where the exercise starts: Begin to squeeze the ball tightly, but in a slow fashion, contracting your inner thighs. When you release your squeeze, do so lightly so that some tension remains on the ball. Continue doing this exercise for one to three sets of between 12 to 16 repetitions.

2. Squat With Inner Thigh Lift

This second inner thigh exercise allows you to target numerous muscles while at the same time working on stability and balance, too. Fasten one end of a band to a sturdy object close to the floor while you fasten the other end around your right foot. With the right side of your body towards the band, step away from the band in such a way that there is still loose tension on the band. Now, step out to the left and lower yourself into a side squat. Keep your weight on your left leg as you push back up and then bring your right leg diagonally in front of your body, all the while concentrating on your inner thigh. Finally, bring your right leg back to the side as you squat with your left leg. Do this motion for 10 to 16 repetitions before switching sides.

3. Inner Thigh Firmer

Begin this inner thigh exercise by lying on your left side with a towel under your head to maintain good alignment. Now, extend your left leg while bending your right leg and resting said leg on the ground. Lift your left leg a few inches; hold this pose for a few moments and then lower your leg again. Before your leg touches the ground, lift your leg up again to begin the next repetition. Do two sets of 10 leg lifts and then switch to lying on your right side for the next round of exercise.

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