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3 Golf Flexibility Drills

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Golfers need to have golf flexibility in order to hit a golf ball. Though it may not look like you need to be very flexible to swing a golf club, the truth is that in order to get the most power behind a golf ball, you need to have a solid combination of strength and balance. By achieving this combination, you can hit the ball farther and more accurate. Likewise, if you are trying to putt a golf ball, you need to have good elasticity in your muscles in order to twist and turn your body correctly to putt the ball. The good thing is that you can get your body ready to play a round of golf by doing some simple golf flexibility drills to improve the flexibility of all of your muscles. Here are three good golf-flexibility drills to try:

1. Cone Touch

Being flexible on the golf course starts with being balanced. You need to be able to balance yourself in order to twist your body to hit a golf ball. Therefore, you can use the cone touch to improve your balance and your flexibility at the same time. To complete a cone drill, place an item about a yard away from you. When you are just beginning, you can use something that's about as tall as your waist, but as you progress, you should use items that are shorter. Then, stand on one leg and reach over and touch the item before returning to an upright position. Though this may seem relatively simple, you're actually helping everything from your shoulders to your torso to your hips as you do this. By making your muscles more flexible and improving your balance, this can help improve your golf swing or just your flexibility and balance in general.

2. Medicine Ball Throw

Use a medicine ball that you feel comfortable with. You'll need a partner to make this one easier on you. Stand about five to seven feet away from your partner as if you are about to swing a golf club. Hold the medicine ball by your side. Bring the ball up as if you are bringing the club up and then explode forward as if you are swinging your golf club. Release the ball and toss it to your partner. This motion simulates a real golf swing but uses a medicine ball to provide some resistance. It will improve your flexibility and strengthen the muscles you use to swing a golf club.

3. Rotational Chop

Using the medicine ball again, stand up straight with the ball in front of you. Then, swing the ball from side to side but do not turn your body more than about 180 degrees. This motion will help improve flexibility in your arms, hips and torso. You should complete this flexibility drill by moving rather quickly.

These are just some of the golf flexibility drills that you can complete to help your golf game. These drills can also be used if you are just trying to improve your all-around flexibility. They can help you get your muscles prepared to play golf or participate in any type of physical activity.

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