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3 Fitness Tips for the Lazy Exerciser

Fitday Editor

If you are a lazy exerciser, following some simple fitness tips can help you to stay motivated. By making workouts fun, you may be able to stick to a training routine. Varying the duration and intensity of a workout will also help you to stay focused.

1. Workout at Home

One of the main reasons you may not want to workout is that you do not like to exercise in front of other people. Training at a gym can be productive, but if you just do not like working out with others, train at your home instead. You can do a cardio workout, lift weights or do some abdominal work without ever leaving home.

If it is within your budget, buy some cardio exercise equipment or a set of weights to use at home. You can also do body weight exercises, such as push ups, free squats, pull ups and triceps dips. Try to workout three times a week, and once your fitness level increases you can either add more exercises to your routine or train more often. You may even decide to join a gym once you start to pack on some muscle.

2. Train With a Partner

Working out with a partner can help you to stay motivated. If you and your training partner both belong to a gym, pick your partner up in your car instead of meeting her for your workout. This will force you to be responsible, since your partner needs a ride.

Develop a workout program with your partner that includes upper and lower body weight training. You can also do some cardio with your partner by running side-by-side on a treadmill at the gym. Make it a friendly competition to see who can run the longest or fastest. This will help you to stay focused and will also increase your fitness level.

3. Play Some Sports

Playing sports is a great way to exercise while having some fun. There are many different sports you can try, some you can do on your own while others require a partner. For example, if you have a basketball hoop at home, either play a pickup game against a friend or neighbor or just shoot around by yourself for 30 minutes.

You can also throw a football or baseball with a partner in your back yard. Try to do a bit of cardio by running to catch the ball. Or, if you like the park, take a Frisbee and see if you can find a few people to throw it around with.

You can also go to the beach to workout. Working out at the beach is a fun way to train. Play some beach volleyball if you can get up a game, or run along the surf to do some cardio work. Once you finish your workout you have the luxury of being able to go for a nice relaxing swim.

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