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3 Daily Arm Toning Exercises You Can Do Around the House

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The arm toning exercises that work best are those which work to make your arms more attractive as a whole. The fact that you can do them around the house, around your own schedule, just makes them all that much more desirable. If you want to show off your arms more in the future, whether for the beach or just to take advantage of warmer weather, be sure to first give your arms the proper toning workout. The attractiveness of having toned arms is something that is equally desirous to both men and women, and it can become a problem area of the body for many people if not done properly. Here are three arm toning exercises you can do around the house:

1. Barbell Curl

The barbell curl is one of the first daily arm toning exercises you can do. All you really require is a barbell and an ample amount of space around you. Take a barbell, stand with your feet at shoulder width apart, and hold onto the barbell so that your hands are also shoulder width apart. Lock your elbows into a position which is firmly at your sides. Begin to lift the weight of the barbell by utilizing your bicep muscles. Make certain that you lift the barbell until it is about at the top of your chest. To finish the repetition, lower the barbell methodically, taking your time, and be sure never to move your elbows at this point.

2. Tricep Kickbacks

The second daily arm toning exercise you can do around your house is some tricep kickbacks. Tricep kickbacks involve taking a light dumbbell into your right hand. At the same time, position both your left hand and left knee on a flat bench that is low. Be sure to keep your back really straight as you lift your elbow, so that your upper arm gets to be in line with your torso. At this juncture, tense up your tricep muscle and then lift your dumbbell to where your arm is pretty much locked out straight. To finish out this repetition, just lower your arm very carefully and slowly. Repeat this action for one arm as much as you feel is comfortable for your ability; then, switch arms to exercise the other side.

3. Alternate Dumbbell Curl

Position yourself in such a way that you place two dumbbells at your side as you stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Tense your bicep as you curl one dumbbell up and twist it, so that when it reaches its highest position, your palm faces your shoulder. After you lower the dumbbell down to its beginning position, repeat this same movement with your other arm. As you are doing this exercise, pay attention to your body: If it feels pain, back off.

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