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Pregnant Women Can Use Kettlebells Too!

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Many people who pay attention to top trainers are now using kettlebells as part of their normal workout, in order to develop body strength, toned muscles, agility and range of motion. But, what does this mean for expecting mothers? According to some free weight training experts, kettlebells can be a great choice for pregnant women who want to keep up with their fitness routine throughout their pregnancy, rather than giving up their routine for nine months.

Main Uses of Kettlebells

The kettlebell is a simple free weight training tool. It is composed of a heavy metal ball, with a handle fused onto it. The user grips the kettle ball and uses it in a variety of activities, where it creates resistance in the form of weight. It also offers specific balance challenges that help the fitness participant to improve their body responses over time.

Kettlebells were traditionally used in areas like Eastern Europe, but made their way around the world as many realized their great utility for fitness routines. In the history of kettlebells, some of the most common types of users have been military and law enforcement individuals, where building a lot of strength was critical for the pursuit of their occupations. However, today's kettlebell audience includes a wide spectrum of people who have latched onto the idea of how useful these fitness tools can be for recreational or athletic training.

Kettlebells for Pregnant Women

According to many users, a reasonable, moderate kettlebell routine can actually improve body response in the pelvic floor and help prepare a woman for the physical hard work that goes into labor.

Some common kettlebell exercises include kettlebell swings, where the user propels the kettlebell in a trajectory with both arms. The kettlebell swing is a good example of how a pregnant woman can safely use a kettlebell. It may seem that all of that weight might be difficult to master for a pregnant trainer. Looking at videos of kettlebell swings that are moderate and controlled will show readers that a kettlebell swing can be effective while still being contained to a short, stable movement. The kettlebell swinger might hold the kettlebell down between the legs and simply swing up before letting the kettlebell fall back down according to gravity.

By viewing kettlebell videos and figuring out how to safely work out with these tools, pregnant women can take advantage of the same health benefits as the rest of the general fitness community. It's important to check with an OB/GYN and/or a family doctor when looking to implement a fitness schedule in the first, second or third trimester of a pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different, and skilled medical professionals can provide specific guidance on what kind of physical activity regimen to pursue, both in and out of the workplace, for promoting a safe and healthy birth.

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