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An Introduction to the Reebok Core Board

Fitday Editor

The Reebok Core Board is one of the latest types of exercise products that is supposed to target your core muscles. Exercise programs like Pilates are earlier examples of workouts that target the core group of muscles. The Reebok Core Board is also advertised as a piece of equipment that makes total body conditioning possible by way of combining the benefits of strength training, yoga and aerobics. You need not be a professional to use this machine properly as it includes three different levels of resistance to please everyone, including beginners. The goal for people just new to core muscle workouts is that this board will permit them to progress through the different levels of resistance as their muscle stability and strength improves.

Parts of the Body that It Exercises

The Reebok Core Board targets your core muscles, which means the muscles that support you in and around your back as well as the abdomen area. Some of the functions that these core group muscles help you achieve are standing straight, working harder and improving your flexibility. You will also get the benefit of achieving a flatter belly, provided you stick with this core board and use it regularly. The way the board gets your core muscles exercised is by way of its uneven surface: It strategically tilts from side to side, which forces your core muscles to work harder, making you keep your balance.

Proper and Safe Use

A precaution you should take before getting on the Reebok Core Board is to make sure that you have nothing in the way around your immediate area, so if you happen to fall off the board, you won't hurt yourself too badly. While the core board is not dangerously or wildly wobbly in the slightest and won't present an immediate risk to you falling off, it is always best to use some foresight and take precautions just in case. The Reebok Core Board comes with a video that includes samples of different kinds of workouts that you can use it for. Take caution that the workouts on the video are not for beginners, and are rather difficult to replicate yourself.

Types of Exercises

The Reebok Core Board, while it looks basic and simple, is very versatile, which leads to a whole host of possible uses for exercise purposes. One type is the twisting knee raises, where you start by holding the board with your hands as you balance on your toes. Then, twist the board to the right as you bring your left knee to your right elbow; repeat for the other side. Another exercise is the core board push ups. Just start in the same position as the twisting knee raises, but this time, lower your chest toward the core board. After holding this form for a couple of seconds, push back up.

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