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5 Different Types of Water Weights

Fitday Editor
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Those who are looking at the benefits of aqua aerobics or other water exercises may be considering how different water weights can help with different kinds of underwater exercises. Water weights, specially designed with foam to be useful underwater, provide for some specific kinds of exercise that combine enhanced resistance with the natural guided motions that make underwater workouts safe and effective. Here are some of the most popular underwater workout tools that trainers are looking at for helping clients to benefit from an underwater fitness session.

Water Dumbbells

These hand-held underwater weights are much like traditional dumbbells. They are good for a variety of underwater exercises, like curls, lunges, good mornings, lateral raises, and a variety of other "aqua free weight" techniques.

Water Barbells

These free weight tools relate to traditional barbells in much the same way that water dumbbells relate to traditional dumbbell-free weights. Users of water barbells can do raises, deadlifts, etc. The barbell essentially provides for working both arms and the whole upper body equally.

Ankle and Wrist Weights

A variety of foam weights attached to the ankles and wrists provide for increased resistance in underwater aerobics and other activities like running in place or moving the arms in variety of exercises. Many different traditional fitness activities, like calisthenics, tai chi, and other specialized activities, are adapted to underwater practice with these "wearable" aqua weights.

Kickboards and Pull Buoys

These types of water weights attach to either the upper body or the lower body to put demands on the area of the body that is not floating. With a kickboard, the user rests the upper body on the floating board and kicks with the legs. With a pull buoy, the reverse principle is used: the user floats the lower body and swims with the arms.

Foot Pads

Specialized water weights attached to the soles of the feet allow for unique underwater activities that put demands on the lower body. These kinds of new tools are interesting in their role within an aqua fitness session. Some might see these flat boards as the underwater equivalent to snowshoes, but the special resistance that they provide allows for strengthening many of the body's muscle groups as the entire body works to bring the legs up through the water, against the resistance of the weights.

    These are just some of the most popular water weights that are used in aqua fitness programs. Trainers are finding these kinds of activities useful for anyone with limitations or joint and muscle vulnerability. The elderly can benefit from modified aqua aerobics or underwater fitness activities. These are also popular in rehabilitation sessions. Even those who are in perfect health can benefit from the guided motions of underwater workouts. Take a look at what these water weight tools can do for promoting a holistic physical fitness regimen under water and helping to prevent first-time or recurring joint or muscle injury.

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