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Walking Workout: A Firmer Butt in 30 Minutes

Fitday Editor

Walking incorporates several muscle groups that attempt to create the perfect gait to get you where you are going. The quads, calves, abdominals and glutes all play essential roles. The butt is a major player and is considered one of the strongest muscle groups in the body made up of three striations: gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius. Unfortunately, due to our reliability on man made transportation, walking has decreased considerably for most people. In turn, fat has found its way into prime storage locations including the legs, abdominals and especially the butt. A workout does not have to be a debilitating experience and practicing simple steps, such as walking for thirty minutes per day, can really make a difference.


Go easy on the carbs, sugar and alcohol. Make simple adjustments that will work hand in hand with your walking workout so that the dreaded fat storage burns off while you walk. And be sure and drink plenty of water so your body can flush out all those toxins you will be stirring up.

Simple Stretch

Most people do not take enough time to get the blood to their muscles before a workout, even if it's just walking. It is not rocket science, just do what feels good for about five or ten minutes before you set out. Try touching your toes (no worries here, you do not have to actually make it all the way, just until you feel a slight burn). Grab an ankle and pull your heel to your butt. Swing your arms round and round. Do a few jumping jacks and that is it. Simple, easy, ready to go.

Pick a Proper Route

A well thought out route can be the determining factor between enjoying your workout or hating it so much that you quit the next day. Do you enjoy the solitude of a park path or the fast energy of a busy street? Sometimes it is best to map out several routes to create a variety of scenes. However, if you can, make sure there are some hills or steps throughout your walking route as uphill walking is essential in strengthening the glutes.

Attire and Aspire

Try not to constrict yourself with tight fitting clothing or non-breathable materials. Pick loose cottons, good sneakers and maybe some music or even an audio book in headphones to keep you going.

Pace and Incline

Start out at a nice brisk pace watching your breathing (in through your nose and out through your mouth is best) and your form. Keep your back straight, your chin up and your arms bent for pumping. As previously mentioned, walking uphill will do wonders for your butt. When you get to a hill or steps, lean into it. Bend your knees and use your glutes. Visualize the enormous power of your backside muscles and let them do their job. Be sure and watch that your knees are not too strained. The more uphill choices you have on your path, the faster your backside will become toned and shapely.

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